Life Hacks to Organizing and Cleaning Up Your Tack Room

Let’s face it, the tack room is one of those places that can easily become unorganized and cluttered. After your day at the barn, getting your tack room organized might be the last thing on your mind. However, it’s the start of a new year and a perfect time to finally get that tack room looking nice.

Horses are our passion, and we love nothing more than to amass more and more stuff to help fulfill our passion! We have bridles, saddles, halters, boots, and more that all need a place in our tack room. The problem is where does all this stuff go?

In this blog, I will go over the steps to take to sort through your tack, ideas on how to organize your tack room, and share some items you can purchase to make organizing your tack room easier.

5 Steps to Declutter and Organize your Tack Room Effectively

Starting to tackle a tack room cleaning and organization job can be a bit daunting. We all know how much horse stuff we collect. But do not despair, follow these easy steps to an organized and clean tack room.

1. Purge Your Outdated and Unused Tack Supplies

I know, I know... we need it ALL. The first step to an organized tack room is getting rid of the old items that we do not need. This includes the old treats, expired products, broken halters, and that torn blanket we kept, promising ourselves we were going to fix it. Start by sorting these items into keep, trash, recyclable, and give-away/sell. Then PURGE these items from your tack room once and for all.

2. Organize Everything Into Usage Frequency

There are items that you can’t get rid of, but you certainly don’t use daily. Sorting items by usage frequency is a great step for keeping your most used items most accessible. You should end up with two groups of items; one group of items you use daily/frequently and the other of items used infrequently.

3. Organize Everything Into Item Type

Now that you’ve sorted your horse tack and supplies by frequency of use, take the two piles and group everything by type. For instance, grooming should have a pile, riding clothes, schooling tack, show tack, bathing, etc. should all have their pile. This will help you determine how much space you will need.

4. Determine Space to Store

Frequently used items are best stored on walls, shelves, or hanging hooks. Remember, easy access also means it is easy to put back where it belongs. (If you have to open a trunk and remove saddle pads to grab your grooming tote, I guarantee the grooming tote will end up on the floor next to the trunk or the top of the trunk eventually). Items used infrequently can be placed in closed labeled containers, trunks, etc.

5. Decide on How to Store Your Groups of Items

There are racks, hooks, totes, and containers for EVERYTHING. Decide how to best store your items and find the best storage option for you. When you are considering your storage options also be sure to take into consideration the transport from tack room to wherever you tack up. The fewer trips the better! See below for more ideas!

7 Tack Room Storage Ideas for Organizing Your Tack Room

Now that you’ve purged and have sorted everything in your tack room, where does it all go? Below, we’ve put together our 7 Tack Room Storage ideas, so you can know exactly what you need and where it should go.

Storing Your Daily Equipment

Tack Room Storage Idea #1: Storing Your Daily Equipment

Your daily equipment needs to be easily accessible, that’s why I think it’s nice to store everything you need together on a rolling caddy or saddle cart. By keeping the daily riding equipment on your rolling caddy, all you must do is wheel it out, tack up, and wheel it away when done. It’s an easy and efficient way to keep your stuff organized and together.

Storing Your Show Tack

Tack Room Storage Idea #2: Storing Your Show Tack

If you’re like me, you have your everyday tack and your show tack. I like to keep my show tack ready to go, clean, dust-free, and locatable so I am not searching for it when it comes time to pack the trailer. You can store your show tack and show supplies in tack totes and bags. Since these are closed, it keeps everything clean and together and travels from tack room to trailer to show tent and back with ease.

Storing Your Cleaning Supplies

Tack Room Storage Idea #3: Storing Your Tack Cleaning Supplies

I like to keep all my tack cleaning supplies out and ready to use. By hanging hooks and racks from the ceiling, you can better utilize space and keep your items ready to clean. Having a few hooks helps with knowing what tack is clean and what’s dirty. If you get a hook that has a rack, you can easily access the cleaning supplies you need and clean your tack in one space. If you’re not using it for just cleaning, tack hooks are a great way to store multiple bridles/halters without taking up too much wall space.

Maximize Your Wall Space

Tack Room Storage Idea #4: Maximize Your Wall Space

Get things off the floor and take advantage of your wall space with mounted saddle racks. You can hang saddle and bridle rack up on your wall, so you don’t have valuable floor space taken up by portable raddle racks. If wall space is limited, you can gain wall space with a tack rack that has multi-levels or a carousel. These types of racks utilize the air space in front of the wall for storage.

Shelves and Drawers for Small Items

Tack Room Storage Idea #5: Shelves and Drawers For Small Items

Saddles and bridles aren’t the only things taking up space in your tack room. What do you do with your boots, medicine, and various other essentials that aren’t easily hung? You can turn vertical wall space into vertical and horizontal storage with shelves. By hanging shelves in your tack room, you can keep small items easily organized and dust-free.

Storing Your Saddle Pads

Tack Room Storage Idea #6: Storing Your Saddle Pads

There are many solutions to storing your saddle pads. You can buy a saddle pad rack, fold them, and store them in a drawer, or you can use a blanket bar and skirt hangers to hang them up in your tack room.

Storing Your Seasonal Items

Tack Room Storage Idea #7: Storing Your Seasonal or Infrequently Used Items

Use large plastic tubs with covers to store seasonal items or infrequently used items. Plastic tubs or blanket bags are a great place to store your blankets and extra saddle pads. By keeping them covered in plastic tubs, they stay clean and dry, so when you’re ready to use them they’re ready! Tip: Label the tubs with what’s included so you don’t have to dig around and find them.

De-Clutter Your Tack Room with These Tack and Grooming Organizers

There is a wide selection of products to help you de-clutter and organize your tack room and stable! Tack room storage has never been easier. Here are some tack racks and tack storage ideas:

Saddles: Store your saddles on the wall with as many single saddle racks as you need or opt for a saddle stand that fits in a corner or anywhere else in your tack room - saddles no longer have to be hung on the wall. Another option for storing your saddle is on a saddle caddy which allows you to roll your saddle (and other tack) straight from storage to where you tack your horse up, and back again!

Bridles & Headstalls: Traditional bridle racks allow you to hang one bridle or headstall per rack and you can arrange the racks however you’d like on your tack room wall. Another option is a bridle system that helps to organize and store many bridles together while taking up less space.

Grooming: Horse grooming supplies can be stored in totes, bags, or racks, depending on what works best for you and your stable. Grooming totes and bags allow you to organize and store all your grooming equipment in one place and easily transport it from storage to the grooming area. If you have the space in your aisle, grooming racks are available to hang outside your horse’s stall or in a wash rack to store and organize your brushes where you use them.

Rolling Carts: The all-around tack hauler, rolling carts, or tack caddy, are designed to store and easily carry your saddle, bridle, grooming supplies, and other equipment like horse boots, from your tack room to cross ties.

Helmets: Keep helmets clean and tidy in a bag on a shelf, in a helmet box, or a multi-helmet storage holder mounted to a wall. You can also store your riding gloves in your helmet in a helmet bag so they are always together.

Saddle Pads: Saddle pads benefit from proper storage to keep them in shape and dry. Keep saddle pads in top shape with a saddle pad rack, either single or multiple styles, mounted to the wall. Or utilize a traditional multi-blanket rack and hang your saddle pads over the bars. Save even more space by hanging it from the ceiling.