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Boot Jacks & Hooks

Boot Jacks and Boot Hooks
Boot jacks and boot hooks make quick work of getting in and out of your riding boots. These essential accessories are a must-have around the barn and back porch.

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Dura-Tech® Boot Jack
Dura-Tech® Boot Jack
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars 29 Reviews

Eliminate the Struggle Of Putting Your Boots on With Boot Jacks and Boot Hooks

Boot jacks and boot hooks help eliminate the tugging, pulling, and stomping that sometimes come with getting your work boots on and off. Keep them handy in the tack room, trailer, back porch–anywhere you need a little assistance with your boots.

Frequently Asked Questions Boot Jacks and Boot Hooks

What does a boot jack do?

A boot jack, sometimes known as a boot pull, is a simple tool that helps you remove your boot quickly and easily. Simply anchor the jack with one foot while slipping the back of your other boot above the heel into the u-shaped opening. This provides the leverage you need to slip out of your boot more smoothly.

Do I need a boot jack?

Though not essential, a boot jack is one of the most economical accessories you can buy to help give your boots a longer life. Using a boot jack every time you remove your boots will protect the heels from getting loosened or pulled off. It works well with muck boots, cowboy boots, and tall riding boots.

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