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Box Fans & Holders

Box Fan Holder
Box Fan Holder
Easily mount a fan in the stable with a box fan holder from Schneiders. These fan holders easily hang on the wall or ceiling, keeping your horse cool and maximizing airflow to stave off bugs and control moisture.
Easy-Up® Overhead Stall Fan Holder
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Dura-Tech® Free Hanging Fan Straps
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Easy-Up® Fan Holder
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Dura-Tech® Adjustable Box Fan Holder
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Keep Your Horse Cool with a Box Fan Holder

We’ve all seen box fans bungeed to horse stalls in the summer, but, contrary to popular belief, this is not the best way to keep your horse cool when it’s sweltering out! In fact, poorly rigged-up fans could be dangerous, leading to injuries or even barn fires. A specially made box fan holder offers a safe, no-fuss option for securely holding box fans in place in a way that even the most curious horses can’t disrupt.

As you probably know, proper circulation is vital in all stables. Fresh air can help keep your horse at a comfortable temperature when it’s warm out, while also preventing pathogens and bugs from entering the stables. Additionally, proper ventilation can prevent dust from settling and moisture from saturating the walls, floors and bedding, leading to smelly mold and mildew. These stall fan holders let you improve airflow using the fans you already have on hand, offering an affordable solution for any facility.

Stall Fan Holders by Top Brands

Dura-Tech® and Easy-Up® make some of the best horse stall fan holders in the industry, with hanging options made of heavy-duty poly web as well as durable steel frames that can be mounted to walls and ceilings for max airflow. Choose from mounted fan holders or portable options to take to shows. Schneiders handpicks top-quality stable supplies and we personally recommend these options by Dura-Tech® and Easy-Up®.

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