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Bradoon Bits

Bradoon Bits
Shop high-quality bradoon snaffle bits to complete your double bridle. Bradoon horse bits come in regular loose-ring snaffles and Weymouth curb-style bits in stainless steel or copper mouthpieces.

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Bradoon Bits for Your Double Bridles

The bradoon snaffle bit is commonly used in double bridles when partnered with a Weymouth bit. The bradoon bit is thinner than a regular snaffle bit, sitting in the top position of the mouth in the double bridle. These bits allow the rider to have independent control with two sets of reins, with access to a curb style bit and the bradoon snaffle bit to communicate.

Bradoon horse bits put direct pressure on the corners of the horse’s lips and mouth. These bits are available in a variety of materials such as stainless steel and copper, as loose ring snaffles and Weymouth curb cheekpieces.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bradoon Bits

What is a bradoon bit?

A bradoon horse bit is a snaffle bit designed to be used in a double bridle, where two bits are used together in the horse’s mouth, which is most commonly used in Dressage or Saddleseat.

Can you use a Bradoon bit on its own?

A bradoon bit is not designed to be used on its own, however, you could use it that way. The bradoon snaffle is designed to sit alongside another bit, in a double bridle, and often has smaller cheekpiece rings or shanks to allow room for both bits.

Can you use a Bradoon as a snaffle?

Yes, you can use a bradoon bit as a snaffle, although it is designed to be used in a double bridle alongside another bit. Bradoon bits tend to have thinner mouthpieces and smaller cheek pieces, so it may not be an ideal choice to use on its own.

Bradoon bit vs snaffle bit?

The difference between a bradoon bit and a snaffle bit is that a bradoon bit is meant to work with a curb bit in a double bridle, whereas a regular snaffle bit is designed to be used on its own. Bradoon bits are usually thinner, lighter bits with just a plain single jointed mouthpiece as compared to the many options snaffle bits are available.

How do you fit a Bradoon bit?

To properly fit a bradoon bit, you want it to be the same size as the other bit you are using on your horse in the double bridle so that both bits fit the same way and lay in the same place within your horse’s mouth. If you use a Weymouth bit alongside your bradoon snaffle, the Weymouth will fit slightly lower in the horse’s mouth than where the bradoon sits. You should still have at least ¼” of space between the ends of the bradoon mouthpiece and the rings or cheek pieces to prevent pinching of your horse’s lips.

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