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Bradoon Bits

Bradoon Bits
Bradoon Bits
Quality bradoon snaffle bits for your double bridle. Shop bradoon bits in regular snaffle or French link bradoon styles. In stainless steel or copper mouthpieces. Shop top brands like FES and more.
FES Elite Smooth Copper Bradoon
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The Bradoon Bit – The Snaffle Bit for Double Bridles or Full Bridles

A bradoon bit is a small ringed snaffle bit that fits in the top bit position of a double bridle, sitting above a Weymouth bit on an English dressage bridle or Saddleseat bridle.

The bradoon bit, like other snaffles, is a direct pressure bit, mostly providing pressure on the corners and lips of the horse’s mouth. Unlike the regular snaffle, the bradoon bit has a smaller cheek ring, allowing it to fit above the Weymouth bit on a double bridle.

Available in many materials, the bradoon snaffle is commonly found in stainless steel, copper and SENSOGAN.

As with other snaffle bits, the bradoon is available as a single jointed snaffle or in French link bradoon style.

Your double bridle may or may not come complete with a bradoon hanger, a leather strap to hold the bit in the horse’s mouth. If your bridle does not have one, a bradoon hanger may be purchased separately.

Whether you are a top dressage rider, saddle seat rider or a Morgan, Arabian or Saddlebred show hack rider, we have the bradoon snaffle bit you need to ride and show your best.

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