Browband Headstalls

Browband Headstalls
Browband Headstalls
Browband headstalls for the Western horse are available in a variety of styles from a plain working browband headstall to fully tooled leather, adorned with conchos, latigo lined and more. Made with top quality leather and available in cob to draft sizes. Shop top brand names like Billy Royal, Double S and more!
Billy Royal® Bling Crystal Collection
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Billy Royal® Bling Crystal Collection
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Premier Arabian Training Bridle
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Double S Tooled Copper Collection
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Browband Headstalls for the Western Horse

A browband headstall is an excellent choice when it comes to choosing your Western horse’s bridle. A browband headstall has a browband attached to the crown, keeping the headstall up at the horse’s poll. Unlike a single or double-ear headstall, the browband headstall encompasses both ears at the same time with a leather strap across the brow of the horse.

Available in many styles, the browband headstall is a fine addition to the Western horseman’s tack. From plain high-quality leather to fully tooled shaped browbands or with conchos, there are many styles to choose. No matter which style you choose, all styles achieve the same function, holding the headstall in place on your horse.

When fitting a browband headstall it is important to be sure there is room for your horse’s ears. While most browband headstalls will fit most horses, some wide browbands may pinch your horse’s ears, depending on their conformation. When you tack up just be sure your horse’s ears are not under tight pressure from the browband.

Browband headstalls are common in the Western world and it is easy to find a style and size to suit your and your horse’s needs.

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