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Browbands for Horses

Horse Browbands
Add some sparkle to your bridle with a new horse browband to help you stand out whether you are in the show ring or on the trails. Select from our high quality horse browbands to find the perfect browband for you and your horse.

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Joseph Sterling® Regal Padded Curved Crystal Browband
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Joseph Sterling® Regal Padded Curved Crystal Browband
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Joseph Sterling® Regal Padded Curved Crystal Browband
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What are Horse Browbands for?

If you are a rider chances are you’ve seen a horse wearing a browband on their bridle. All english style bridles have browbands that go just in front of the horse's ears and underneath their forelock. The main function of the browband is to keep the bridle stabilized on the horse's head. Horse browbands prevent the crown piece from slipping too far back on the horse's head. They also keep the cheek pieces straight and parallel to the horse's poll.

Many bridles are designed without browbands for horses who may not need a browband to keep their bridle from slipping. Depending on the shape of your horse's head they may need a horse browband on their bridle.

Browbands are also included on bridles for stylistic reasons. Many browbands on western bridles have bling and add character to the bridle. Browbands for horses who frequently show may have fancy details, metal work, and leather design. English show bridles will have a browband that has a more traditional look.

Frequently Asked Questions About Browbands for Horses

What is a browband?

A horse browband is the piece of leather that goes in front of the ears and attaches to the crown piece. They prevent the crown piece from slipping too far back and they stabilize the bridle.

How should a browband fit a horse?

A horse browband that is too large could allow the crown piece to slip, while one that is too small could pinch. Your horse’s browband lies flat on your horse’s forehead about ½ to 1 inch below their ears, and should not gap. Read this blog about fitting english bridles to learn more about how to fit a browband.

How to measure a browband/How long is a browband?

Measure from the back corner of your horse's ear across their forehead to the back corner of the opposite ear. Generally horse browbands range from 12” to 16” in length.

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