Buckeye Nutrition® Perform 'N Win® Electrolyte Supplement

Buckeye Nutrition® Perform 'N Win® Electrolyte Supplement
Keep your horse hydrated and at peak performance with an electrolyte supplement that's university tested to increase stamina by nearly 25%.

  • Perform 'N Win by Buckeye Nutrition is the only university tested performance electrolyte in the market
  • Provides optimal levels of electrolytes for maximum performance
  • Electrolyte levels used were based on scientific studies for a complete balance for your horse
  • Easy to use and easy to dissolve
  • Quick absorption formula, 1 ounce per liter or 4.5 ounces per gallon provides your horse with the correct osmolarity for rapid absorption in the small intestine
  • Delays time-to-fatigue by nearly 25%
  • Allows for longer, stronger and healthier performance from your horse
  • Low sugar formula
  • Dramatically reduces large increases in plasma glucose (sugar high) for optimal results
  • The powder allows for a more rapid absorption rate, as pastes tend to absorb slower due to fluid imbalances and dehydration
  • Can be used in your horses' drinking water every day
  • Diluted solution adequately replenishes small amounts of electrolytes lost in normal workouts
  • Will mask strange tastes in water when traveling to new location - No more transporting jugs and gallons of water to events or shows
  • Size: 4 lbs.

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