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Training and Lunging Cavesons

Training and Lunging Cavesons
Training and Lunging Cavesons
Training cavesons, sometimes known as lunging cavesons, are a piece of horse training tack to help work the horse on a lunge line. cavesons are designed with rings at various places around the nose to attach the lunge line for training. Available in leather with stainless steel or brass, or synthetic nylon. Training cavesons are also available as a training system which includes a caveson, surcingle, long lines, and other attachments. Shop top brands like Pessoa, Dura-Tech® and Double S.
Dura-Tech® Nylon Rope Caveson
Double S ® Rolled Nose Caveson
Billy Royal® Work Caveson
Double S Draw-Tite Caveson

The Training caveson for Gymnastic Groundwork

The horse training caveson is bitless and designed for gymnastic groundwork and lunging. Some Western trainers choose to use the caveson instead of the rope halter. The caveson has a long history and has been used for centuries as a horse-friendly and effective training tool.

A traditional caveson is made from supple leather with a noseband of all leather or metal wrapped in soft material. The caveson’s noseband typically has three rings, one in the middle/top of the nose, and one on each side. During groundwork, the lunge line is typically attached to the middle/top ring.

Some styles of caveson have a throat lash or jaw strap to prevent the caveson from moving. Other styles do not have a throat lash at all.

Although some Western trainers like to use a rope halter for ground work, other trainers like to use the caveson due to the placement of the ring. With the lunge line or line attached to the front of the horse, instead of under the chin, asking of forward movement is provided with a clearer cue.

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