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Enhance your training routine with a Cavesson from Schneiders. Whether you need a Lunging Cavesson or a Cavesson Noseband we are sure to have the perfect option for you and your horse.
Double S Draw-Tite Caveson
Double S Draw Tight Caveson for Horses
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All About the Cavesson

The horse training cavesson, or lunging cavesson, is bitless and designed for gymnastic groundwork and lunging. Cavessons fit like a regular noseband but the noseband is usually thicker and it has rings so a lunge line can be attached to it. Lunging Cavessons are multifunctional training tools used by many trainers when their horse is green and first learning about lunging or groundwork.

A traditional leather lunging cavesson is made from supple leather with a noseband of all leather or metal wrapped in soft material. The cavesson’s noseband typically has three rings, one in the middle/top of the nose, and one on each side. During groundwork, the lunge line is typically attached to the middle or top ring.

The Cavesson Noseband is a completely different type of Cavesson. Cavesson Nosebands are the most common kind of noseband used on bridles. The noseband simply goes around the horse's nose and fits about 2 fingers width below the horse's cheekbone.

Although some Western trainers like to use a rope halter for groundwork, other trainers like to use the cavesson due to the placement of the ring. With the lunge line or line attached to the front of the horse, instead of under the chin, asking for forward movement is provided with a clearer cue.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cavessons

What does a cavesson noseband do?

The Cavesson Noseband has two purposes: keeping the bridles on the horse and keeping your horse from opening its mouth to evade the bit while you ride.

Do you need a cavesson to lunge?

A cavesson is not required to lunge your horse. You can definitely use a bridle or even a halter in a pinch. However, lunging cavessons are very useful tools when you are training a horse to lunge.

What is a lunging cavesson?

A lunging cavesson is a functional piece of equipment used to train horses how to lunge, do groundwork, or be ridden. It looks like a halter or bitless bridle with a thick noseband and rings attached to it.

How should a cavesson fit?

A cavesson should fit similarly to any noseband and should be adjusted so you can fit one finger between your horse's face and the noseband and 2 fingers should fit between the noseband and your horse's cheekbone.

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