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Centurion Therapy

Centurion Therapy
Centurion Therapy
Centurion Therapy® at Schneiders makes pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for horses as simple as throwing on a blanket. Adding electromagnetic pulse therapy for horses to your routine reduces pain from inflammation and stimulates cell growth without drugs.
Centurion Therapulse IV Blanket
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Centurion Leg & Hoof Pad System
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How Does Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy for Horses Work?

Clinical studies have shown that electromagnetic pulse therapy for horses provides noninvasive, drug-free relief for pain from injuries or inflammation. Here’s how it works.

Good Impulses: Healthy body cells use electrical impulses to exchange components and function properly. Injury, disease and overuse disrupt those impulses and compromise healthy cell function. Electromagnetic pulse therapy for horses restores natural impulses, which stimulates cell regeneration.

Noninvasive Treatment: Although pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for horses sends electromagnetic waves deep into your horse’s soft tissue, it is considered noninvasive because it makes no incision. It is also completely free of drugs and side effects.

Safe and Effective: The FDA-approved pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for use on humans in the 1970s. Since then, many clinical studies have shown it helpful in healing bone fractures, stimulating muscle repair and alleviating pain from injuries and overuse.

Easy and Fast Relief: Centurion Therapy makes it easy to give your horse the benefits of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in easy 30-minute treatments. Centurion Therapulse Blankets contain strategically placed coils that deliver focused therapy to the withers, shoulders, back and hindquarters. The Centurion Leg and Hoof Pad system treats your horse’s legs.

A Full Line of Therapy Options

Schneiders offers a full line of therapy options for horses, including pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, magnetic therapy, copperand ceramic therapy, pressure/ice therapy and more. Since 1948, we’ve been your source for trusted brands and quality products that help you achieve equestrian excellence.

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