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PEMF Horse Therapy

Pemf Therapy for horses
PEMF therapy is a cutting-edge treatment that can offer a wide range of benefits for both people and animals. At Schneiders, we carry a range of PEMF therapy products specifically designed for horses. This therapy works by stimulating the cells, which can help to speed up the recovery process and reduce pain and inflammation.

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Centurion Therapulse IV Blanket
Centurion Therapulse IV Blanket
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Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy for Horses

The benefits of PEMF horse therapy are vast, offering horses relief from injuries, hoof pain, stiffness, body soreness, inflammation, and drug-free pain relief. Electromagnetic pulse therapy for horses stimulates the body’s cells and tissues to regenerate and revitalize the blood flow. PEMF therapy can restore natural cell impulses and regeneration with healthier cell function. This can offer excellent benefits for rehabilitating injuries that can cause stiffness or pain daily. A 30-minute session before or after a ride can improve your horse’s overall condition.

Frequently Asked Questions About PEMF Horse Therapy

What does PEMF therapy do for horses?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) for horses is widely and effectively used as a non-invasive treatment for horses with injuries, pain, arthritis, soft tissue injuries, and overall body soreness. PEMF stimulates and regenerates the cell tissues of muscles, ligaments, and soft tissue. It can reduce pain, inflammation, and soreness in horses without medications.

Can PEMF be harmful to horses?

PEMF therapy for horses is generally very safe, non-invasive, and effective for horses and has been used for more than fifty years with no significant side effects in people or horses.

Can you ride after PEMF?

Yes, you can ride after a PEMF therapy session for your horse, especially after using the Centurion Therapy Therapulse UV Blanket. Many riders will notice their horse moves more freely, less stiff, and at their peak performance after a session of PEMF therapy!

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