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Clipper Accessories & Parts

Clipper Accessories & Parts
Clipper Accessories & Parts
Take care of your horse clippers so they’ll take care of your horse. Schneiders has a large collection of horse clipper accessories from Andis®, Laube®, Oster®, Dura-Tech® and other leading brands. Help clippers perform their best for season after season.
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Dura-Tech® Accessory/Clipper Roll-Up Bag
13186_navy.jpg image Dura-Tech® Accessory/Clipper Roll-Up Bag
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Dura-Tech® Accessory/Clipper Roll-Up Bag
Laube Lazor Super Battery Pack-2 Speed
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Andis® Blade Carrying Case
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Oster Kool Lube 3
Oster Blade Wash

Why You Need Clipper Blade Oil

Blade oil is the most important accessory for your horse clippers. It reduces friction on the blade and other small parts for smoother operation and less heat. The right oil also prevents horse hair and dander from sticking to the blade surface.

Oiling your blades before every use will prolong their life and make the clipping experience better. Clipper blade spray lubes are also available that can be applied while you’re operating the clippers.

Other Essential Equine Clipper Accessories

Schneiders has an assortment of accessories and parts that can help improve clipper performance:

Clipper Bag: Owning a horse clipper caddy, clipper carrying case or other tote helps you organize your parts while storing and transporting them safely.

Replacement Clipper Battery: Get a new battery pack and keep it charged up so you can switch if your cordless clippers start to fade mid-groom. They can also replace an older battery that’s getting tired.

Blade Wash: Use this to remove the factory blade preservatives before first use and to clean off hair that’s built up.

Replacement Levers: If your clipper is making clattering noises or feels sloppy, a new lever should get it working like new.

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