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Close Contact Saddle Pads

Close Contact Saddle Pads
Close Contact Saddle Pads
Close contact saddle pads are a shaped saddle pad to fit under an English close contact or all-purpose saddle. Commonly made of white fleece, these shaped pads can also be contoured. Close contact saddle pads help to wick sweat away from the horse’s back and keep the saddle clean. Popular materials for a close contact saddle pad are fleece, cotton, Coolmax®, or a combination. Sized by saddle size and most available in close contact (CC) or all-purpose (AP) shapes. Shop close contact saddle pads from Medallion, Lux, Dura-Tech®, Toklat® and more.
E-Z View® Pad with Non-Glare Number Pockets
$92.99 - $107.99
$64.99 - $74.99
E-Z View® Pad Pin-On Style
Dura-Tech® Pro Air Hunt Pad White
Shires SupaFleece Lined Shaped Pad
Junior E-Z® View Pin-On Pad
New Item
Dura-Tech® Quilted Millennium Fleece Pad

The Features and Benefits of a Close Contact Saddle Pad

The close contact saddle pad is specifically designed to be utilized with a close contact English saddle. Sometimes called a fleece saddle pad or a shaped pad, these English saddle pads are the standard show pad in the Hunter ring.

The lined close contact saddle pad is a fleece pad with a soft, typically cotton, quilted lining. These close contact pads have a little less bulk, are smooth and more breathable against the horse and are easier to keep clean.

A contoured close contact pad is stitched to match the shape of the horse’s withers to prevent pressure points and creases in the saddle pad. These pads are often called High Profile pads and are great for high withered horses.

If you show in the Hunter ring the white fleece close contact saddle pad is the pad to use. With a neat and tidy appearance, nothing distracts the judge’s eye from seeing your horse at their best.

Close contact saddle pads are sized to match saddle seat sizes (16.5, 17, 17.5 etc.) and most are available in close contact (CC) or all-purpose (AP) shapes to match your saddle type.

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