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Correction and Port Bits

Correction and Port Bits
Correction and Port Bits
Correction bits and port bits are horse bits with a ported mouthpiece. Shop correction bits and port bits with long shanks, swivel shanks, D rings, and kimberwick styles. We have many mouthpiece materials to choose from including copper, copper rollers, sweet iron or stainless steel from top correction bit brands like FES, Robart™ Pinchless, Myler, Metalab, and more.
FES Aluminum Smooth Correction
FES Copper Correction Bit
FES Antique Correction Bit
FES Ported Barrel D Ring Bit

Correction and Port Bits for Your Horses

The correction bit and port bit are generally considered fairly server horse training bits.

Port bits and correction bits have a ported mouthpiece, most having swivel cheeks or are spring-loaded. Some correction bits like the kimberwicks have hooks for use with a curb chain.

Correction bits and port bits are available in stainless steel, copper, and copper rollers mouthpieces. When copper is added to the mouthpiece of a bit, it works to promote the horse’s salivation glands.

Certain correction bits are long-shanked and have a swivel or spring jointed action. Some correction bit shanks are highly decorated with dots, ornate sterling silver plates, or have engraved cheeks. Swivel cheeks on your correction bit allow the rider to work each side separately while schooling.

Standard mouthpiece size for the correction and port bit is 5" wide with different sized ports.

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