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Cribbing Collars

Cribbing Collars
Cribbing Collars
Curb bad behavior with the finest horse cribbing collar from a leading brand. Cribbing control devices come in several styles that break this stereotypic behavioral pattern humanely. From collars to muzzles, Schneiders has a product that’s right for your horse.
DARE® Cribbing Control Collar
Rap Last
3 Colors
Merino Sheepskin Miracle Collar Cover
36407_tan.jpg image Merino Sheepskin Miracle Collar Cover
36407_black.jpg image Merino Sheepskin Miracle Collar Cover
36407_brown.jpg image
Just Merino Sheepskin Miracle Collar Cover
EQyss Crib-Guard Gel
Ultra® Chew Stop

Buying the Best Cribbing Collar for Your Horse

Cribbing is a repetitive behavior that is non-lethal but destructive. It involves a horse placing their upper incisors on a hard object such as a stall door, fence railing or pole, arching their neck and sucking in large amounts of air. This produces a distinct grunting noise. The behavior is linked to anxiety, stress, digestive issues and boredom. It may cause health issues such as abnormal tooth wear, enlarged throat muscles and colic.

A horse cribbing collar or anti-cribbing strap is a humane control method. The collar wraps around the jowl at the throatlatch. This prevents the horse from arching its neck. Horses can still breathe, drink and eat normally.

Collars & Accessories for Cribbing

Both collars and straps are safe for horses. They can be used with or without a halter. Some cribbing collars come with a merino sheepskin cover to reduce rubbing. These covers can also be purchased separately.

If your horse is also a habitual over-grazer, consider a cribbing and grazing muzzle. This all-in-one device goes around the lower mouth to limit biting and swallowing. Our collection includes crib control products from DARE®, Dura-Tech®, Weaver® Leather and Schutz Brothers.

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