Cross Ties, Rings and Accessories

Cross Ties, Rings and Accessories
Cross Ties, Rings and Accessories
Equip your stables with the best heavy-duty cross ties and hardware for your needs. These components are designed for aisles, trailers, wash stalls and more to keep horses in place while grooming, washing and treating injuries.
Blocker Tie Ring II
2 Colors
Dura-Tech® Bungee Quick Release Cross Tie
18152_darkblue.jpg image Dura-Tech® Bungee Quick Release Cross Tie
18152_black.jpg image
Dura-Tech® Bungee Quick Release Cross Tie
$15.99 - $19.99
Dura-Tech® Overhead Aisle Tie
Cranky Horse Post with Chain - Enforcer
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Cross Ties and Tie Rings for Securing Your Horse

Our horse tie hardware includes all the staples you need to safely, securely tie your horse up in the barn, stall, stable, trailer or wash stall. The fact of the matter is that you occasionally need to tie up your horse in order to groom, wash or treat injuries. However, using the wrong ties or hardware could cause your horse to pull back, leading to injury to her neck. This selection includes cross ties and tie rings to keep your horses safe.

We have an array of cross ties and horse tie hardware for facilities from Dura-Tech®, EquiRacks and more. Select a blocker tie ring made of durable chrome-plated steel to hook your ties or bungee cords safely without worry that they’ll rust or break loose. Dura-Tech® makes an array of chain-style cross ties with rubber ends that are ideal for horses that like to play and chew. They feature a rubber and chain strength of up to 1,200 pounds, so they’re fine for even the strongest equines.

Horse Cross Ties that Are Stylish and Easy to Install

The great thing about these cross ties and tie rings is that they’re specifically made for quick, easy installation in any barn or stable. They’re all made to install with regular tools you already have in your barn toolbox and feature easy snap-and-release options so you can quickly attach and release ties once installed. At Schneiders, we even have stylish horse tie hardware, including some fun styles made of real horseshoes!

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