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Cutback and Saddle Seat Saddles

Cutback Saddles
Outfit your horse with an elegant cutback saddle designed specifically for the saddle seat discipline. Select from our large selection of quality cutback saddles to find the perfect saddle for you and your horse.

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Joseph Sterling® Millennium Masterbuilt Cutback Saddle
Joseph Sterling Millennium Masterbuilt Cutback Saddle
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Choosing the Best Cutback Saddle

The cutback horse saddle, designed for the saddle seat discipline, has a pommel that is shaped to accommodate horses with higher withers and it has a low seat and cantle. This is especially helpful for gaited horses with high withers as other kinds of saddles can rub them raw or cause discomfort. The pommel on a cutback saddle dips back and makes room for the higher withers. This allows the cutback saddle to sit low on the horse's back and many riders will use the saddle without a saddle pad.

Saddleseat riders primarily use the cutback horse saddle as competitive riders in this discipline exclusively use gaited horses. If you plan on switching to a cutback saddle after riding in another saddle keep in mind you may need to size up to accommodate for the cutback pommel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cutback Saddles

What is a cutback saddle?

A cutback saddle is an English saddle designed for gaited horses with high withers. This type of saddle is most commonly used in the saddle seat discipline.

What is the purpose of a cutback saddle pad?

The purpose of the cutback saddle pad is to keep the saddle from rubbing the horse and protecting the saddle from dirt and sweat. Using a saddle pad is recommended with any kind of riding as it can increase the horse's comfort while they are being ridden.

How to measure a cutback saddle?

To measure a cutback saddle, measure from the pommel to the cantle like you would in any other saddle. However, keep in mind you will likely need an extra inch added to the size of your normal English saddle size to accommodate for the dip in the pommel. Check out this English saddle fitting page for more information about How to Fit an English Saddle.

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