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D Ring Snaffles

D Ring Snaffles
D Ring Snaffles
D-ring bits are named after the D-shaped cheek pieces where you attach the reins. D-ring bits are available with jointed, double jointed, straight or curbed mouthpieces. King dee bits sport larger D’s than the regular d-ring. Choose d-ring bits in stainless steel, sweet iron, and copper. Shop top D-ring bit brands like Myler, Happy Mouth, FES, Dura-Tech, Dutton and more!
FES Smooth Barrel D-Ring Bit
FES Rubber D Ring Snaffle Bit
FES Slow Twist D Ring Snaffle Bit
FES Dr. Bristol D Ring Snaffle Bit

The Popular D-Ring and King Dee Bit

One of the most popular bits, especially in the Hunter ring, is the D-ring. The d-ring bit and the D-ring snaffle bit are named after their distinctive D-shaped check piece. The D shape of the cheek piece keeps the horse’s lip from becoming pinched like it can in a loose ring.

D-ring bits are available in a wide range of mouthpieces. The most popular is the jointed snaffle D-ring bit, also called the Hunter D bit. You can also get a D-ring with a straight, ported, Dr. Bristol double jointed and twisted wire mouth.

Specialty D-ring bits have hooks in the rings, providing different rein attachment placement for more leverage options. D-ring bits with hooks are mostly found on ported mouthpieces but there are a few single jointed d-rings with hooks as well.

D-ring bits, like other bits, are manufactured in different types of metal. Stainless steel is a favorite but rubber, copper and sweet iron are offered.

King Dee bits sport a larger D-ring at the cheek and are popular, especially in the hunter ring.

Happy Mouth® D-ring bits are stainless steel with a space age polymer that’s apple scented to help the horse accept the bit.

Myler® D-ring bits come with and without hooks, in ported and comfort snaffle styles.

FES D-ring bits offer a large selection across all makes and styles.

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