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Davis Horse Boots

Davis Horse Boots
Davis Horse Boots
The Davis Horse Boot is a hoof soaking and medicine application boot that save the rider valuable time and worry. If your horse has an abscess or stone bruise you can use the Davis boot to soak or apply poultice. Also use your Davis Horse Boot to apply the direct application of medication to treat thrush or puncture wounds.
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Davis® Bell Boots
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Davis® Bell Boots
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The Davis Horse Boot – Valuable Addition to your Equine First Aid Kit

The Davis Horse Boot is the original horse soaking and medicine boot.

An invaluable hoof boot when your horse has an abscess or stone bruise, the Davis Horse Boot saves time and water with its ability to soak and poultice the hoof.

Thrush and other hoof issues like puncture wounds, requiring a clean hoof and direct medicine application are made easier with the Davis Horse Boot. Once your horse’s hoof is cleaned with meds applied, the Davis Horse Boot will hold the medication in place while continuing to keep the hoof clean and dry.

The top of the Davis Horse Boot is soft and pliable creating a flexible opening to put the boot on and take off.

The bottom of the Davis Horse Boot is durable and nonslip for safety. The bottom is also padded for comfort on tender hooves.

The Davis Horse Boot is usable on shod or barefoot horses.

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