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Draft Horse Bits

Draft Horse Bits
Draft Horse Bits
Draft horses are big, and their mouths are no different. We have draft horse bits with mouthpieces up to 6 inches. Shop O-ring snaffle bits, loose ring bits and Tom Thumb draft horse bits from top brand like Weaver.
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Draft Horse Bits – What you need to know

More and more draft horses are finding their way to the English and western world. Along with draft horse’s big hearts are their big mouths. Draft horses typically require a larger "draft" bit.

Draft horse bits are the same types of bits everyone is familiar with, but with larger mouth pieces. There are O-ring Draft Snaffles, Loose Ring Draft Snaffle bits and a shanked Tom Thumb Draft Bits.

One popular bit brand for the draft horse is Weaver. Weaver draft bits are made with top-quality stainless steel.

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