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Draft Horse Bits

Draft Horse Bits
Draft horses are large and so are the bits they need. Shop Draft horse bits that are designed to fit their large mouths without compromising fit or control during your next ride.

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Draft Horse Bits - Made to Fit the Largest of Horses

Draft horses are not just for farm work, many riders are doing more disciplines with draft horses or draft horse crosses, and finding draft horse bits that fit can be tricky! Draft horses usually need a Draft horse-sized bit in order for it to fit correctly and not rub their mouths or cause sores on their lips or tongue.

Frequently Asked Questions About Draft Horse Bits

What is the best bit for draft horses?

Any bit is a good bit for a draft horse as long as it fits and is big enough! Draft horses are big horses and so are their mouths, so having a draft horse bit is a must if you plan on riding or bridling your horse.

What size bit does a draft horse need?

Most draft horses require an average size of a 6” bit. Some smaller draft horses or draft-crosses can use a 5.5” bit, while others may even need a 6.6”-7” bit.

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