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Draw Reins for Horses

Draw Reins
Draw Reins
Draw reins are a type of training aid that experienced riders can use to improve communication with their horses. Used by both Western and English riders, Draw reins help riders gain more control over their horse's movements by aiding in the horse’s carriage and control. Whether you're looking to improve your dressage scores or simply want to enjoy a more pleasant trail ride, draw reins can be a valuable addition to your training arsenal.
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Choosing the Best Draw Reins for Your Training Needs

Draw reins are a piece of training tack used by both English and Western riders that helps riders communicate the proper frame and movement to the horse. Although draw reins sometimes have slightly different designs, the way they work, and their purpose are the same. There are several different types of draw reins available, including leather, pulley, and rope versions. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to choose the right one for your needs.

For example, leather pulley draw reins attach to the bit with snaps, allowing the reins to slide freely preventing the horse from being pinched. While elastic neck stretchers attach to the girth rings, running through the bit and over the horse's poll.

Draw reins connect to the girth, run up between the horse’s front legs, through the snaffle bit, and up to the rider’s hands. Experienced riders and trainers use this advanced training tool to aid in the horse’s frame and movement. Although draw reins can be a very useful training aid in an experienced rider’s hands, draw reins can also be dangerous due to their long, cumbersome length, and constrictive nature. Draw reins for horses should only be used by experienced riders who are familiar with how to use them properly. When used incorrectly, draw reins can cause the horse pain and distress, and can even lead to injury.

Frequently Asked Questions About Draw Reins

What are draw reins?

Draw reins are training reins that encourage straightness, consistent contact and lowering of the horse’s head. They’re a 15-17 foot long strap that loops around the girth on both sides, goes through the bit rings, and is then held in the rider's hands. Draw reins are only used while a horse is wearing a snaffle bit, a single reined bridle, and while the horse is being ridden.

Are draw reins and running reins the same?

Running reins and draw reins are the same. ‘Running reins’ is the western term for ‘draw reins’.

What do draw reins do?

Draw reins keep the horse's head in the correct position. Draw reins can be used to help the horse to collect its stride, as well as to improve its balance and suppleness.

How to use draw reins/how to hold draw reins?

When using draw reins, start by looping the reins through the girth. Then, feed them through the rings on the bit. Next, take the reins back to the pommel or horn of the saddle, and hold them in each hand along with your main rein. You should sit tall in the saddle and maintain light contact with the horse's mouth. With proper use, draw reins can be a great tool for helping your horse to stay on the bit and move forward from your leg aids.

Should you ride with draw reins? How often should you use draw reins?

Knowing if you should ride with draw reins depends on the training you’re trying to accomplish. Draw reins should only be used on occasion and under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Improper use of draw reins can lead to increased resistance and behavioral issues. Draw reins should only be used for short periods of time, and you should always make sure to give your horse a break between sessions. By using draw reins sparingly and under the guidance of a qualified instructor, you can help your horse to develop correct carriage without causing undue stress or discomfort.

Can you use draw reins with a shank bit?

There is some debate on whether or not you can use draw reins with a shank bit. The main concern is that the draw reins could put too much pressure on the horse's mouth, causing discomfort. It is generally recommended that draw reins for horses be used with a soft, snaffle-type bit.

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