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Draw Reins

Draw Reins
Draw Reins
Draw reins, for both English and western riding, are advanced training tools for experienced riders to aid in communication with and carriage of the horse. Shop all leather draw reins, pully draw reins or rope draw reins for English and western riding.
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English and Western Draw Reins – Advanced Horse Training Tack

Draw reins are a piece of English and western training tack to help communicate the proper frame and movement to the horse. Although English and western draw reins sometimes have slightly different designs, the way they work, and their purpose are the same.

Draw reins connect to the girth, run up between the horse’s front legs, through the snaffle bit and up to the rider’s hands. Experienced riders and trainers use this advanced training tool to aid in the horse’s frame and movement. Although draw reins can be a very useful training aid in experienced rider’s hands, draw reins can also be very dangerous due to their long, cumbersome length and constrictive nature. Some horses have a severe reaction to draw reins and have been known to rear, run through or even flip over, which is why only experienced riders with independent seat and hands, and quiet hands should use draw reins.

When used properly draw reins are an aid to help lengthen and stretch your horses back and not to set his head. Draw reins in training help balance a horse, teach them to give at the pole and help them learn to use their hind end.

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