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Dressage Saddles

Dressage Saddles
Dressage Saddles

Outfit your horse with an elegant dressage saddle that will enhance your ride and connection in the Dressage ring. Choose from our large selection to find a beautiful dressage saddle that both you and your horse will love.

» Learn How to Fit and Measure for an English Saddle

Arena Dressage Saddle
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Arena Dressage Saddle
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Passier® Optimum Dressage Saddle
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Stubben Genesis D
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Bates Dressage Saddle
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Kincade Leather Dressage Saddle
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HDR Ventura Covered Dressage Saddle
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HDR Parisian Monoflap Dressage Saddle
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Choosing a Dressage Saddle

The dressage saddle is a unique English saddle that is designed for the dressage riding discipline. Dressage is focused on flatwork, where riders try to communicate with their horse precisely and effectively. Dressage riders use all of their aids, including their seat, to help their horse perform gracefully on the flat. The dressage saddle is specially designed to aid the rider on the flat. The best dressage saddles have a deeper seat, high cantle, vertical flaps, and long stirrups to help the rider stay balanced.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dressage Saddles

What is a dressage saddle used for?

The dressage saddle is used for flatwork and competition in the riding discipline of dressage.

What is the difference between an English Saddle and a dressage saddle?

The dressage saddle is a type of English saddle. Other types of saddles that some might practice Dressage in include the close contact saddle, the all-purpose saddle, and the cutback saddle. The dressage saddle is mainly used on the flat while the other two options are commonly used for jumping as well.

What is the difference between a dressage saddle and an all-purpose saddle?

The difference between an all-purpose saddle and a dressage saddle is that the dressage saddle has a deeper seat, longer stirrups, and a flap that is further back. The dressage saddle is mainly used for flat work, whereas the all-purpose saddle can be used successfully for jumping.

Can you jump in a dressage saddle?

It is possible to jump in a dressage saddle but it is not recommended. For example, if you are trail riding in a dressage saddle and you wanted to jump a small log it should be fine. However, the saddle is not designed for jumping safely. An all-purpose saddle or close contact saddle would be a better choice for jumping.

What is a mono flap dressage saddle?

A mono flap dressage saddle is a dressage saddle with only one flap. This means that the billets of the girth are not located underneath the flap, but below it. You cannot lift the flap on a mono flap dressage saddle.

What size dressage saddle do I need?

The size you will need depends on your high, weight, and other measurements. Dressage saddles are sized the same way other English saddles are fit but there are some other decisions you must make when shopping for a dressage saddle. For example, some dressage saddles have thigh bocks, deeper seats, and various styles and shapes. Check out our blog on How to Fit an English Saddle for some more details about how to properly fit your saddle.

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