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DSB® Dressage Sport Boots

DSB® Dressage Sport Boots
DSB® Dressage Sport Boots
Schneiders has a large selection of Dressage Sport Boots your English horse. Dressage Sport Boots have been producing fine easy-on horse boots for over 20 years. Shop top sellers like the DSB® Dressage Sport Boot and the DSB® Dressage Sport Boots 2.
2 Colors
DSB Dressage Sport Boot
38305_glossblack.jpg image DSB Dressage Sport Boot
38305_glosswhite.jpg image
DSB Dressage Sport Boot
3 Colors
DSB Dressage Sport Boots 2
38829_navy.jpg image DSB Dressage Sport Boots 2
38829_black.jpg image DSB Dressage Sport Boots 2
38829_white.jpg image
DSB Dressage Sport Boots 2

The Dressage Sport Boot® Line 

Lisa Wallace developed the DSB® Line many years ago.  As an active dressage trainer, she was always looking for a boot that protected her horse’s legs, that was easy to care for, and could be easily put on a horse. 

With some time and through trial and error, with a variety of materials, the DSB® was born! Throughout the years, the line has expanded but they have all remained true to Lisa’s mission.

Dressage Sport Boot® Original

The boot that started it all! The original dressage sport boot features a soft fleece with superior hook and loop closures making this a top choice of riders for over 20 years. Excellent overall durability, waterproof and high resistance to fungicidal growth makes this horse bootable to withstand the rigors of the horse world. 

Dressage Sport Boot® 2 provides a little more protection and is a bit tougher. The DSB® 2 has a thicker strike pad offering more protection with a Cordura binding to cover the stitching. It is also waterproof and highly resistant to fungicidal growth.

The Glossy DSB® has a rugged Patent Leather PVC exterior with a soft fleece lining. This is fashion and function in one beautiful horse boot. The Glossy DSB® is fun with wonderful color choices ready to express you and your horse’s personality while still protecting legs. 

Highly resistant to fungicidal growth The All Sport Boot is a top choice to withstand the rigors of the stable. Their easy strap application system and simple care make life easier for the rider

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