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Easy-Up® 5 Tier Main Frame System
05835c.a.zoom.jpg : 3
Easy-Up® 5 Tier Main Frame System view #1
  • Easy-Up® 5 Tier Main Frame System view video
  • Easy-Up® 5 Tier Main Frame System view #2
    Easy-Up® 5 Tier Main Frame System view #3
    Easy-Up® 5 Tier Main Frame System view #4
    Easy-Up® 5 Tier Main Frame System view #5

    Easy-Up® 5 Tier Main Frame System

    Perfect for customizing your own personal saddle rack system
    • Adjustable hangers allow for portable installation  in trailers or tack stalls
    • Remove the hangers to allow to permanent installation in tack rooms
    • Strong enough to easily hold the largest, heaviest Western saddles
    • Great for organizing your tack room or saving space at horse shows
    • Add saddle racks, wire basket and the swing arm rack (sold separately)
    • Industry leading 5 Year Easy-Up® Warranty against breakage
    • Purchase items individually to create your own customized system
    • Solid steel with black armor finish
    • The Mini Swing Arm Rack includes 4 rods. Extra rods can be purchased here.
    • Measures:  51”H x 14”W  Frame only (fits over a 2" thick wall)
    Individual pieces are not interchangeable with the Pro Tack Rack System
    full description
    Item Availability Quantity Price

    5 Tier Main Frame

    in stock
    $74.99 $49.99
    Add $ 6.00 S&H

    Mini Swing Arm Rack

    in stock
    $44.99 $29.99

    Wire Basket

    in stock
    $44.99 $29.99

    Saddle Rack

    in stock
    $39.99 $27.99

    Holds everything!


    The baskets are sturdy and strong and they hold anything and everything!


    Whitesboro, TX

    Work perfectly!


    New barn, new tack room but it was smaller and this main frame allowed me to have plenty of convenient storage. I used it with the baskets. It was easy to put together, easy to install and the baskets were even easy to attach. I used the baskets on all five shelves. It's great and everything is easy to see and easy to get to!


    Whitesboro, TX


    I would purchase this again


    First time using it one saddle rack bent but the other two did not. Could have been defective. Other than that it is user friendly fit over the the stall wall nice and is easy to handle!

    Horse Enthusiast



    Saddle pad rack


    This is so nice for hanging saddle pads on to keep dry and fits perfectly on side of box stall, up out of the way.


    Pierz, MN


    I would buy this main frame and accessories again.


    I purchased the main frame, saddle racks, wire basket, and saddle pad bar for my horse trailer. When using the saddle pad racks in a trailer, you can only use 4 out of the 5 tiers due to not having enough ground clearance. I'm extremely happy with this system in my horse trailer.


    Eaton Rapids, Mi


    Really satisfied with this products


    Very practical and is a great tool for organization both in the barn and at shows.

    Orchard Trail Farm



    Works for me!


    We have limited room for hanging blankets at my barn. This hanger is perfect for hanging my blanket when not in use or folding against stall when blanket is being used. I have used it to hold heavier blankets also with out a problem. Keeps my blankets off the floor and out of people's way.




    Did not work for me


    Bought to use in trailer but I need to swing the arms to the side because off space. This causes it to be side heavy so hanger tips up and blankets fall off. If arms can remain out works fine.

    Jane doe

    South Dakota


    Not sturdy enough for trailer use


    I've had this installed in my trailer for two years. I use it for lightweight English saddles. So far, two of the support bars that hold the saddle racks on the main frame have broken at the weld. Schneiders did replace it under warranty, but I don't feel like this product is as sturdy as it should be.




    Fantastic Product


    I purchased this for when we travel to horse shows and need a portable tack room. It has been perfect! You can use as many saddle racks as you need or interchange with other accessories such as baskets or pad racks.


    Durango, CO



    4.7 87


    what is the width of the over-the-stall hangers for this rack? The pro series one comes with a pair each of 1.25" and 2" (for bare wood and capped wood, I assume).


    The hangers for the mini rack are 1 1/2".


    I was just wondering if I want the full 5 tier rack and everything included like the swing arm rack, basket, can I just buy 1 of each and it will get me 5 saddle racks, swing arms, wire basket?


    I bought this system and got everything I wanted individually: I purchased the 5 tier rack, 3 saddle racks, a wire basket, and swing arms. HOWEVER...you need to use the wire basket on the bottom because it cannot be placed on top of a saddle rack. There won't be enough clearance (even for an english saddle, unless it is children's size). I ended up trading the swing arms with a friend for another saddle rack.


    All pieces of the main frame system can be purchased individually so that you can customize the rack system to meet your needs.


    What comes with the system?


    This options comes with the 5 tier main frame. Then you can pick the 5 items you would like to add to it. Everything is sold separately in this version. We do offer versions that are already have the 5 items picked and the main frame. 22908, 07873

    Customer Service

    The hanger and your choice of 5 items I did all 5 saddle racks. You can do a basket and 4 saddle racks or a another combo of your choice. Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID


    This comes with the frame only.

    Community Answer

    Is this rack strong enough to hold a western saddle pad?


    I use this rack in my horse trailer to hold my western pads it works great! Sent from my iPhone


    Yes, it is pretty strong. Sent from my iPhone Sent from my iPhone


    I have only put dressage saddle pads on it, but I have stacked about 3 on each one and it seems very sturdy. That's about 12 saddle pads. It's extremely handy and I like that I can easily transport it to shows to keep things tidy. Hope this helps. Susie Sent from my iPhone


    Yes this would work for western saddle pad. Another saddle pad holder would be 21249.

    Customer Service

    The answer is definitely yes. I hang heavy weight winter blankets on it, multiple size 81s.


    Yes Sent from my iPhone


    How far do the saddle racks stick out from the frame?


    They stick out 26"

    Customer Service

    The stick out 14 inches.

    Community Answer

    Some of the shows we attend have very high walls. Can the arms securing the frame (the two that fold over to top of the wall) extend to lengthen the rack so it is not way up too high? I am worried that it will be too high- that the saddles will be 6 feet or higher, once I mount it over the wall.


    These do have adjustable hangers at the top which can be made longer.

    Customer Service

    Can this pad rack be permanently mounted?? Or do you have an option in about this size that can?


    This rack is not made for permanent mounting. We do not have a permanent fixture in this size.

    Customer Service

    How many arms does this hold?


    This rack has 4 arms.

    Community Answer