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Eggbutt Snaffles

Eggbutt Snaffle Bit
Eggbutt Snaffle Bit
The Eggbutt snaffle bit is a traditional bit that is still commonly used today, mainly for English riders. With an assortment of mouthpiece options from double-jointed snaffles, single jointed snaffles, or low ports, finding the right Eggbutt snaffle is easier than you may think!
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The Benefits of a Traditional Eggbutt Snaffle Bit

Eggbutt snaffle bits are not only popular among many riders and trainers, but they are one of the most traditionally used styles of bit in the English discipline. Eggbutt snaffles get their name from the cheekpiece as it has a slightly oblong shape and a fixed mouthpiece.

The Eggbutt bit is commonly thought of as a mild and gentle bit compared to some other bit styles due to the more comfortable mouthpiece attachment to the cheek. With a wide, hinged, attachment, you do not get the pinching at your horse’s lips as you can with loose ring snaffles. It also allows a more spread-out type of pressure when the rider pulls on the reins. The mouthpiece is also more stable due to the fixed position, which many horses will find more comfortable and less abrasive.

Eggbutt snaffle bits come in stainless steel with some even having a copper inlay or copper roller on the mouthpiece. You can have a mouthpiece style that works best for your training needs without compromising on the Eggbutt bit cheek design that is so well-liked among riders.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eggbutt Snaffles

What is an Eggbutt bit?

An Eggbutt snaffle bit is an English-style bit with a slightly oblong-shaped cheekpiece ring that has a long hinged attachment to the mouthpiece. The Eggbutt snaffle is generally known as a mild, comfortable bit for many horses.

What is the difference between Eggbutt and loose ring snaffle?

The difference between an Eggbutt snaffle bit and a loose ring snaffle is that an Eggbutt snaffle has a tall, hinged mouthpiece attachment at the cheek, keeping the bit in a more fixed position when pressure is applied to the reins. A loose ring snaffle moves freely through the mouthpiece allowing the bit to constantly move in the horse’s mouth.

Why would you use an Eggbutt snaffle?

An Eggbutt snaffle bit is commonly used for young horses, green horses, or general riding for well-trained and well-mannered horses that can be ridden in a mild bit. Eggbutt snaffles are a good bit choice for just about any type of horse whether you ride English, Dressage, Western, Endurance, or Trail.

Is an Eggbutt snaffle dressage legal?

Yes, Eggbutt snaffle bits are legal in Dressage at many recognized competitions, including FEI level Dressage.

Are Eggbutt snaffle bits good for jumping?

The Eggbutt snaffle bit is a good choice for jumping as they offer direct pressure on the corners of a horse’s mouth and the bars, which can give you an advantage when steering without pinching a horse’s mouth as a loose ring snaffle can do.

How do you measure an Eggbutt snaffle?

To measure an Eggbutt snaffle bit, you want to measure from the inside edge of the cheek piece to the opposite inside edge of the cheek piece. You want the edge of the cheek to rest approximately ¼” away from the horse’s lips.

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