English & Western Reins

Superior quality reins are perfect for every breed, every discipline from the training ring to the show arena.
English and Western Reins for Horses
English and Western Reins for Horses
Choose from the finest selection of horse reins for western or English riding. Whether you are looking for web, laced or plaited English reins, split or rowel western reins, or show quality leather reins we have the quality horse reins from top brands like Billy Royal®, Double S, Joseph Sterling, Pinnacle you are looking for.
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Western & English Horse Reins

Properly balanced reins will create a beautiful drape, making that all-important display in front of the judges extra special. At Schneider Saddlery, we offer stunning Western show reins and weighted Romel reins from Double S and Billy Royal® that handle as beautifully as they look. These premium Western reins are hand-selected for the best performance and highest quality.

Our Billy Royal® Show Romel reins are handcrafted from supple Grade A leather, with the highest quality workmanship and exquisite detail. Styles include direct contact Romel reins, silver plat ferruled harness leather reins, silver-plated show reins and direct contact Romel reins with sterling silver overlay. You can choose from light or dark oil finish. Certain styles have features such as patented direct contact bit ends, hand-engraved sterling silver plate ferrules in various designs and hand-tooled popper with sterling silver plate concho. There are other styles with hand engraved sterling silver plate buckle, keeper and tip at the bit, hand-finished and dyed edges and hand braiding in a 12-plait pattern. These reins are weighted for the perfect balance. Some are designed to swing freely at the bit; others are weighted to eliminate swing.

The Double S Romel reins are premium show reins that are perfectly balanced for the proper drape while limiting movement. They're made from top-grade leather and are available in various styles. Choose from silverplated light-weighted Romel reins, silver-plated hex ferrule Romel reins, rawhide 32-ounce ferruled Romel reins, braided silver plate show Romel Reins, split show reins and silver plate direct contact Romel reins. Features of the various models include hand-braided 8-plait or 12-plait leather, plain leather or hand-tooled popper, hand-engraved sterling silver plated ferrules in various designs and patented direct contact rein ends that easily attach to the bit. Some styles are available in light or a dark oil finish.

Conchos for Direct Contact Romel Reins: You'll also find replacement conchos for direct contact Romel reins. These replacement conchos use the SLS easy change locking system and hand-engraved sterling silver plate.

English Reins: Schneiders has English reins available in different styles, such as beaded reins made of fine English leather, plaited reins, textured rubber, and leather reins, braided reins, long laced reins, flat show reins, buffalo leather reins, rubber-lined reins, and cotton web reins. We even have rainbow-colored rubber reins from Pinnacle.

Joseph Sterling® reins feature the highest-grade English leather that has been hand-rubbed and handcrafted. These are exceptional quality English Reins with great attention to detail. Depending on the style, features include extended leather fronts with beading further back, soft bead rubber grips, stainless steel buckles, textured rubber over leather design, hook and stud bit attachments and traditional laced leather. Choose from beaded, rubber and leather, extra-long plaited, laced, extra-long laced, plaited, rubber-lined and flat show reins.

Made from high-quality imported leather, our Premier reins are available in styles such as full-length textured rubber over leather, traditional wide-laced reins, plaited reins, and cotton web reins. These reins can be used for various disciplines like schooling, jumping, and pleasure. Features include hook and stud bit ends and leather and buckle on bit ends and rein stops. Rubber reins provide a strong grip that's useful for training and for beginning riders. Plaited or laced leather reins are sufficiently elegant for a show bridle.

From Pinnacle, we have colorful rainbow rubber reins that are ideal as an instructional aid for a novice equestrian. They have hook stud ends and rein ends that buckle together.

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