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English Breastplates

English Breastplates
English Breastplates
English Breastplates are used to keep the saddle from slipping back while you ride. Stabilize your saddle with one of the many English Breastplates we have available here at Schneiders.
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All About English Breastplates

Many riders use English breastplates to keep their saddle from slipping while they ride. English breastplates look professional and they are handy for disciplines that do a lot of jumping. Here are the main kinds of English breastplates for horses who frequently have their saddle slip.

Hunting Breastplate: The hunting English breastplate is one of the most traditional breastplate styles. Typically these English breastplates are made of leather. They attach the girth and come in between the horse's legs, split, and then attach to both d-rings. Many riders also use martingale attachments with the hunting breastplate.

Five-Point Breastplate: The five-point breastplate is one of the more modern English breastplates. It is designed similarly to the hunting martingale but it distributes the pressure from the saddle to five separate points versus three. These points are the D-rings, chest, neck, and above the horse's shoulders. Most five-point breastplates have elastic and fleece or sheepskin to make them even more comfortable for the horse.

Elastic Breast Collar or Breast Girth: This is the simplest version of the English breastplates. The elastic breast collar is attached to the d-rings on both sides and simply goes around the horse's neck. This allows for the horse's shoulders to move freely while they are being ridden. These breast collars need to be fitted correctly to ensure the horse is easily able to breathe.

Y-Fit Breastplate: This is another more modern English breastplate. The Y-fit breastplate is almost identical to the hunting breastplate but they usually have elastic and allow the shoulders to move more freely than the hunting and 5-point breastplates. The Y-shape also puts less pressure on the windpipe which allows the horse to breathe easier.

Frequently Asked Questions About English Breastplates

How do I know if my horse needs a breastplate?

You will know if your horse needs an English breastplate because your saddle will slide back while you ride. This is especially common for horses who are relatively narrow with a small barrel. Horses that are built this way will naturally push the saddle back when they use their muscles during work. This is especially true for horses who jump since the jumping motion naturally puts backward pressure on the saddle.

How do you attach a breast collar to an English saddle?

To attach a breast collar to an English Saddle attach the collar to both d-rings and ensure the collar fits snugly between the horse’s chest and neck. You should be able to fit a fist between the horse and every point of the breast collar. Be sure that the breast collar will not interfere with the horse's windpipe while you ride.

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