English Bridles & Parts

English Bridles and Parts
English Bridles and Parts
3 Colors
Pinnacle Padded Fancy Stitched Bridle
19179_black.jpg image Pinnacle Padded Fancy Stitched Bridle
19179_havana.jpg image Pinnacle Padded Fancy Stitched Bridle
19179_chestnut.jpg image
Pinnacle Padded Fancy Stitched Bridle
Joseph Sterling® Kiesner Comfort Show Bridle
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2 Colors
Pinnacle Hunter Classic II Bridle
32454_chestnut.jpg image Pinnacle Hunter Classic II Bridle
32454_black.jpg image
Pinnacle Hunter Classic II Bridle
Billy Royal® Work Bridle
Premier Raised Padded Bridle
2 Colors
Micklem Competition Bridle
37747_black.jpg image Micklem Competition Bridle
37747_havana.jpg image
Micklem Competition Bridle
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English Bridles: Our English bridles are exquisitely designed handcrafted by skilled artisans using premium quality leather. Finely tooled and detailed, these extremely durable and comfortable bridles are an amazing value, and we have elegant English bridles for all disciplines.

Hunter and Jumper Bridles: We have finely crafted?hunter and jumper bridles?from?Joseph Sterling®,?Pinnacle,?Premier, Schockemohle, Pessoa® and Micklem. Made from the finest hand finished Sedgewick of England leather, Joseph Sterling bridles have features like padded crowns, raised stitch design on caveson and browband, hand rubbed bevel edges and stainless steel hardware. Pinnacle bridles have padded cut-out crowns, padded and stitched browband and caveson, heavy-duty hardware and stitched laced reins. Premiere bridles are an excellent value as entry level bridles for training or local shows.

Dressage Bridles: In our?dressage bridles, Joseph Sterling once again sets the standard, with the finest bridles designed for the finer builds of dressage horses. Features include a more petite caveson and browband, padded crown to eliminate pressure, stainless steel hardware and Fold-Away® flash loop. Certain styles can be easily converted from a snaffle bridle to a double bridle. The Schockemohle Le Mans dressage bridle is an elegant, handcrafted German designed dressage bridle that has a padded crown and raised crank caveson with wide roller buckle, curb shield and flash attachment to eliminate pinching. The padded browband has diamond crystal inlays, and it's beautifully shaped for a refined, sophisticated appearance. The Micklem competition bridle is another handsomely designed dressage bridle, with padded noseband, browband and cheeks plus stainless steel hardware and included rubber reins.

Saddle Seat and Show Hack Bridles: Saddle seat and show hack bridles?are designed with exceptional craftsmanship. Matching caveson and browband sets that beautifully complement these bridles are available. Features of the Joseph Sterling bridles include exquisite styling and stainless steel buckles and hook/stud fasteners. These bridles are sized to fit most Arabians, Half Arabians, Morgans and Saddlebreds. Their comfort model has padded crown to eliminate pressure at the ears and poll. Certain models include the main headstall, bradoon hangar and two sets of reins.

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