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English Girths

English girths
English girths
English girths perform an important function, keeping the saddle in place. Hunter jumpers and eventing riders use English saddle girths in materials such as leather, fleece-lined, sheepskin-lined, and neoprene. Choose from our large selection of English girths to find the perfect option for you and your horse.
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Choosing the Best English Girth

English saddle girths are an essential piece of horse tack, providing the means for the saddle to stay on the horse. Hunter, jumper, and eventing riders use long English girths designed to be used with their short billet saddles, while dressage riders typically use short dressage girths designed for their long billet saddles. Here is some more information about English girths to help you choose the right option for your horse.

Materials: Leather girths are still popular in English riding. Leather is strong, beautiful, and traditional. Leather English girths are available in straight or contoured, padded or sheepskin-lined, and with or without fancy stitching. Although traditionally made with leather, English saddle girths are now available in synthetic forms such as nylon with fleece lining and neoprene. These girths are easy to clean and maintain and great for everyday riding. Though less popular in English, saddle girths can also be made from string or fabric. String girths are slip-resistant and very breathable and fabric girths are often soft and comfortable. In addition, all English saddle girth straps usually have an elastic of some kind to keep the horse comfortable while you ride.

Color: Depending on your discipline make sure to select an English girth that matches the color of your other tack. For example, if you are buying a girth for a black dressage saddle make sure your girth is black. If you are buying a girth for a brown close contact saddle make sure the girth includes the color brown.

Upkeep: When considering which kind of English girths to buy, also consider upkeep. Generally leather is more durable but much harder to clean, while synthetic material or fabric is less durable but much easier to care for. Definitely consider this while you shop for your girth.

Frequently Asked Questions About English Girths

What is an English girth?

English saddle girths are what hold the saddle onto the horse's back. They attach to the billets on either side of the horse and go under the horse to secure the saddle.

How to measure/fit an English girth?

Put your saddle on the horse and measure from the first billet’s third hole, and pull the tape under the horse to the same place on the other side. Make sure to measure about 3 inches back from their elbows when you go under them.

Are English and western girths measured the same?

No, English and western girths are measured differently because they are designed differently. English girths are measured using the girth billets, western girths are measured by measuring from the center of the heart girth to the widest point of the horse and then multiplying that measurement by two.

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