English Spurs

English Spurs
English Spurs
FES Ladies Black Steel Spur
FES Ladies Prince of Wales Spurs
FES 3/4" Neck Children's Spur
Metalab Flexi Spurs
FES Prince of Wales Training Spurs
Stubben Soft Touch Spurs

English Horse Riding Spurs & Boot Spurs:

For the right blend of stylish appearance and pragmatic function, use English spurs from Schneiders Saddlery for your next ride or event. English riding spurs are the best way to command a horse forward or side-to-side while also protecting your boots from damage. They are also ideal for many disciplines that require timing, finesse and subtlety in communications (though organizations have different rules about design and use). Get your next set of English boot spurs from a company that's been a leader in quality and service since 1948. Every spur we sell is made of durable materials and have a stunning look that will complement your other riding gear.

These spurs come from top English brands such as FES, Herm Sprenger and Metalab that are trusted for performance and reliability. Traditional round end English horse spurs have a small ball on the shank that gives a mild jolt while knob end spurs have blunt-edged squares for stronger commands. Modern roller ball spurs are often the best choice for sensitive horses or introductory training. Prince of Wales spurs are commonly used for hunter/jumper horses as they have a flat end that stimulates impulsion. And for dressage, swan neck spurs limit leg movement while delivering gentle but decisive communication. If you're not sure which style is right for you, contact our customer service team for expert assistance.

We supply English training spurs and show spurs for novice riders up to the leading professionals. Depending on your style preferences, you might order spurs made of polished stainless steel that gleams in the show ring, blackened streel that blends with riding boots or engraved German silver that adds elegance to your presentation. Add grip without sacrificing looks by choosing English spurs with a black rubber coating. Our spurs come in many sizes to support all boot types. Schneiders has a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all men's English spurs and ladies English spurs that meet industry-leading appearance and performance standards.

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