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English Stirrups

english stirrups
english stirrups
English stirrups offer a base of support to riders, absorb shock, assist riders when mounting their horses, and lots more. Choose from our large selection of English stirrups to find the perfect options for you and your horse.
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Choosing the Best English Stirrups

Just as other pieces of horse tack have evolved, so have English Stirrups. From the traditional Fillis iron to the newer stirrups with easy release, offset, and jointed irons, the new English stirrup designs have been made to benefit the rider’s comfort and position in the saddle.

Historically manufactured in varying grades of stainless steel, Fillis English stirrup irons are the most traditional and are available in a range of prices. Fillis stirrups have a basic design with simple metal stirrup irons and no extra components. A Fillis iron’s classic appearance makes them popular in and out of the English show ring.

Offset English stirrup irons and jointed stirrups irons are modern modifications to the traditional Fillis iron. The offset english stirrup iron places the eye of the stirrup skewed to the inside top, so the stirrup leathers lay flatter against the saddle, easing tension on the foot and ankle and providing more comfort to the rider’s calf.

Jointed English stirrup irons have flexible sides or branches. These irons allow the English stirrups to flex with the rider’s foot and ankle to help alleviate tension, absorb some shock and provide comfort to the rider’s joints.

Quick-release stirrups are intended to increase the safety of the rider by preventing their foot from being caught in the stirrup in the event of a fall. This iron only has one branch or side and the other side is "closed" with a thick rubber ring/band. In the event of a fall, the rubber band breaks away and allows the foot to fall out of the stirrup. These English stirrups are popular with riding schools, camps, and beginner riders.

The Jointed English Stirrup design helps ease riders' knee and ankle discomfort while also decreasing the risk of a foot getting caught in the stirrup. This kind of English stirrup absorbs and softens the impact on the rider’s cartilage and ligaments. In addition, most jointed English stirrups enable the immediate release of the foot in an emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions About English Stirrups

How do English stirrups fit?

English stirrups should fit so that when the ball of your foot is in the stirrup iron there is about an inch of extra space. This could mean about an inch when you slide your foot completely to one side, or half an inch of space on either side of your foot if it is resting in the center of the iron.

To tell if your English stirrups are the right length, touch your fingers to the stirrup bar and bring the iron to your armpit. The bottom of the stirrup iron should be in your armpit. This method will give you approximately how long your stirrups should be.

What size English stirrups do I need?

To find what size you need for your English stirrups, measure the width of your foot while wearing your riding boots and add an inch to that measurement. Do this with a stiff ruler as you should not include any curvature in this measurement. English stirrup sizes range from around 4 inches to 5 inches.

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