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English Bradoon Bits for Double Bridles

Bradoons are modified snaffle bits used with curb bits on double or full bridles. Bradoons sit above the curb bit putting pressure on the tongue and regulate horizontal flexion and impulsion.

  • Designed for use in a double bridle with Stubben Weymouth bits
  • Shaped to provide comfort and to ensures compatibility of the metals
  • Sweet copper mouth encourages salivation and sensitivity and is readily accepted
  • Sweet copper is a nickel free alloy (90% copper, 7% iron and aluminum, 3% zinc)
  • Stainless steel ring diameter is 2 5/8” diameter (55mm)
  • Mouth:  5”, 5 ¼”, 5 ½” or 5 ¾
  • Bit diameter:  12mm
  • The most popular bradoon for using with a double or Weymouth bridle
  • Sits above the curb to regulate horizontal flexion and impulsion
  • Single jointed bit distributes pressure across the tongue and lips
  • Gently curved mouthpiece helps to limit upper palate interference
  • Smooth copper mouthpiece with stainless steel 1 ¾” loose rings
  • Copper promotes salivation and increases sensitivity
  • Mouth:  5”
  • Bit diameter:  6mm
$25.99 $17.99

English Bradoon Bits for Double Bridles

Bradoon bits are an effective solution for creating double and full bridles used to command horse movement. An English bradoon bit is a modified snaffle bit that sits above and behind the curb bit. These work together to regulate horizontal flexion and impulsion by placing pressure on a horse’s tongue. It is designed for use by skilled riders and with horses that are trained well enough to understand and accept a Weymouth bridle. If both of these conditions are met, then a bradoon bit can provide great benefits for classical dressage, eventing and police horses, especially when formal tack and turnout are desired.

There are several styles of equine bradoon bits available at Schneiders depending on what assistance you want them to offer. Our loose ring English bradoon bits are the most common design because they have increased sensitivity while allowing for fluid tongue movement and a relaxed jaw, all of which are optimal for upper-level dressage. Single-jointed bradoon snaffles allow a rider to exert better lateral control by placing added pressure on one side of the mouth. However, this sometimes causes a painful “nutcracker effect” that will lead certain horses to resist it. The effect can be alleviated by using a double-jointed French link bradoon bit with oval lozenges and added mobility.

These bits are shaped for maximum comfort, compatibility and balance for horse and rider. Our stainless steel bradoon bits are a durable all-around selection while copper bradoon bits encourage sensitivity and salivation. Some models also have a gentle curve that reduces interference from the upper palate. Whichever double bridle bradoon bit is right for your horse, you can get at the best price from Schneiders. Our knowledgeable team has decades of experience with advanced horse tack and can help you select a bit at a great price that is ideal for training and show.