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English Curb Bits for Double & Full Bridle

Long shanked curb bits are used with a bradoon to make up a full or double bridle on gaited horses. Curb bits pressure the bar and palate via the curb chain and regulate vertical flexion.

  • A nice bit to use on older, experienced, seasoned or finished horses
  • For the experienced riders or riders with light, well trained hands
  • Strong, solid mouthpiece puts pressure on the tongue and bars
  • Hand finished copper mullen mouth with long stainless steel shanks
  • Copper promotes salivation and increases sensitivity
  • Creates leverage to create downward rotation in headset or collection
  • Mouth: 5"
  • Does not have lip chain/lip cord rings
  • Shanks:  7 ¼”
  • Bit diameter:  12mm
$59.99 $39.99
  • Nice leverage bit to use in coordination with your bradoon
  • Encourages collection and headset while  using subtle cues
  • Stainless steel cheeks are finished to a bright luster
  • Copper mouthpiece promotes salivation and increases sensitivity
  • Allows some tongue relief but puts pressure on bars and palate
  • Shanks:  7 ¾”
  • Port height:  1”
  • Mouth:  5”
  • Bit diameter:  10mm
$49.99 $34.99

English Curb Bits for Double & Full Bridle

Once your gaited horse has reached its initial training goals and is ready for more advanced cues and commands, it may be time for an English curb bit from Schneiders. These long shank bits are used in conjunction with bradoon bits to make up the two-bit system seen on full, double and Weymouth bridles. By putting appropriate pressure on the mouth, bar and palate, the rider can control a horse’s vertical flexion, helping them to raise their head and tuck their nose as they amble. Several types of curb bits are in stock for experienced riders and horses to provide the right training and signals.

Our bits for gaited horses are proven to be effective when used for dressage, saddle seat and other classes that incorporate the double bridle. There are two primary types depending on your horse’s acceptance level and your signaling needs. Use Mullen curb bits to place equal pressure on the tongue, bars and palate or select a high port curb bit to shift some of the tongue pressure to the bars and palate. Both options are leverage bits that amplify rein pressure, meaning a well-trained rider can issue headset and collection cues with the slightest tugs. They can be used on many breeds for training, showing or pleasure riding.

FES curb bits from Schneiders have durable stainless-steel shanks and cheeks that will stand up to prolonged use, and most models have a copper mouth to encourage salivation and increase sensitivity. Slight variations in mouth and shank width accommodate different size horse palates and provide different amounts of leverage and pressure based on what’s needed. These bits are approved for all horse show disciplines that allow a curb bit and are designed to be accepted even by picky horses. When you order from Sstack.com, you’ll always get the best price and knowledgeable customer service from a team that is committed to the industry.