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Easy-Mount Step Stool
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    Easy-Mount Step Stool

    Item # 06790
    • Lightweight and portable step stool helps you mount your horse anywhere
    • Features a 6” treaded platform with 3 aluminum fold up legs
    • 5’ attached nylon cord allows you to pull stool up after mounting
    • Secure legs with cord and fit into mesh drawstring bag to hang stool off of saddle
    • Compact and sturdy and is a must to carry along on trail rides
    • Overall length:  10”L
    • Maximum recommended weight capacity 275 lbs.
    Item Availability Quantity Price
    in stock
    $44.99 $29.99

    The best portable mounting aid I've found for my situation.


    This tool has saved me a few walks home. Having it along makes my trail riding more enjoyable since I don't have to worry about finding help to get back on if I get off for some reason. Remember to pull it back up on the saddle after you get on or you will drag it until the string breaks and then it is gone. Be sure your horse is used to something pulled up next to him before you use it.




    Excellent so helpful when mounting my horse in the pasture.


    I use the Easy Step Stool to mount my horse in the pasture.


    Saskatchewan, Canada


    I love this mount assist stool!


    After a big buck-off 2 years ago (resulting in many broken bones) I couldn't haul my 68 year old body up into the saddle anymore without a mounting block. Fine at home, but I always worried if I had to get off my horse somewhere else, how would I get back on? Problem solved!

    Grandma Jan

    Westcliffe, CO.


    also think it's dangerous


    I bought this years ago and am surprised people are still buying it. It is very unstable, even on level ground ... and how often do you find level ground when trailriding? I bought this to help me remount a tall horse when having to dismount on the trail. It was not tall enough to start with (but then I am only 5' tall), but it was also very wobbly. I was very disappointed and I would not recommend it.


    upstate NY


    Great product


    Got it for my wife and she loves it uses itall the time


    Ypsilanti North Dakota


    Nifty Little Helper


    Boy did this help fix our problem of mounting our horses! We no longer have to look for a tree stump to stand on! It would be even better if somehow the legs could extend longer!


    Blanchard, OK


    Neat product!


    My wife uses it on her new horse, who is a little taller then her other horse. Works great for her.


    Oelwein, iowa


    This easy-mount step stool is definitely worth the price.


    This product is so very helpful in mounting your horse. Wished I would have bought it before -- always got tired of looking for a side hill or something to aid me in mounting. Horse I ride is 17 hands high so stool is the perfect height. I can see where it would be harder if the horse was over 17 hands high. Also, I did have trouble hanging onto the string when grabbing the saddle horn as it would pull out of my hand so my sister and I got a longer cord with an o-ring on the end so problem was remedied. Also, like the fact that the stool goes with you so when away from home, you have the perfect helper at your fingertips.


    Lewiston, MM


    Would not buy again, dangerous


    To mount my tall horse



    Definitely a must have for trail riders!


    This is awesome! Finally a convenient way to mount a horse on the trail! It took a little getting used to it being small enough for one foot but now not a problem.


    Athens, TN


    Easy-Mount Step Stool

    4.4 190


    I lost one of the rubber feet in the mud. How big is the leg (outside diameter) so I can hunt for a replacement? Was thinking of upgrading to the bases like I see on camp chairs that resist sinking.


    The legs are 3/4" diameter.


    Do you make these any bigger? I'm short,fat and have a 16.1HH horse that is still growing! I need at least a 15" height! :)


    Yes, there are many of us that need a higher step stool. I have taken to the extra stirrup but that isn't as safe unless your horse NEVER moves out on you. I have gotten a rubber maid folding 2 step stool. I tie it to the back of my australian saddle after I pull it up. It is bulky and my horse didn't like it at first, but what can we do. I hope Schneiders will come up with a 20"+ folding stool.

    Carol from Canada

    This is the only size we care.

    Customer Service

    When extended for use, what is the height of the step?


    The height of the step is 10 inches.

    Community Answer

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