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Insta-Hot® Portable Equine Washing System
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Insta-Hot® Portable Equine Washing System view #1
  • Insta-Hot® Portable Equine Washing System view video
  • Insta-Hot® Portable Equine Washing System view #2
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    Insta-Hot® Portable Equine Washing System view #4
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    Insta-Hot® Portable Equine Washing System

    No More Cold Baths

    Does your horse tense up in anticipation of another cold bath?
    Insta-Hot takes the stress out of bathing for you and your horse, increasing source water temperature up to 40°F warmer for a comfortable bath.

    Hot Water Anywhere

    No outlet? No problem. Igniter powered by 2 D-cell batteries. All you need is a water source. Use at the barn, horse show, garage, shed, and camper at home or on the road.

    Check out our newest model! Click here to see the Insta-Hot® 2!

    Learn More
    Item Availability Quantity Price

    Insta Hot® System

    in stock
    $199.99 $179.99

    Insta Hot® System with Cart

    in stock
    $289.98 $212.97

    Insta-Hot® System with Cart & Basket

    in stock
    $274.97 $224.97

    Unlimited Hot Water in Seconds!

    Quick & Convenient:

    Set up is quick and hassle-free. Operation is simple. Results are extraordinary. Simply attach a hose from the incoming water source, start the battery igniter, and have hot water instantly. Control knobs regulate water temperature and flow. Rolls easily into your trailer and takes up little space in tack room or wash stall.

    Multiple Applications:


    Louvered vent top keeps heating unit clean, protected from falling debris, and creates a draft for efficient combustion - more heat, less gas. Automatic safety shut-off after 20 min of non-use.


    1.4 gallons of hot water per minute. Increases source water temperature up to 40º F warmer at 1 gallon per minute. Operates off any propane tank. Up to 18 hours use on a standard 20 lbs. tank (not included). Igniter powered by 2 D-cell batteries (not included). Unit measures 12” x 15” x 4” and weighs 10 lbs.

    What’s in the Box:

    How it Works

    Love it!


    I use it for a quick rinse after a ride or for a more thorough wash prepping for a show or parade. I also use it to hose off the dogs with warm water before re-entering the house if they've been romping in the mud. I love that it's portable. I've also used it camping as a cowboy shower! A note of caution: I live in Minnesota. I've left these units out in below freezing temps which destroys the pipes. Remember to bring it indoors for winter.




    Great product


    Now I can keep my horse comfortable at the wash rack

    Horse mom

    Rolling Hills CA


    Works great. Better than expected


    Hot water flow and temperature are better than what I expected




    Relaxed horse ....


    This was a great purchase , my horse used to dance around because of the cold water , don't blame her, but now ,she stands so nice ,is easier to bathe her by myself now !!


    Cando ND


    What a great purchase!


    This water heater can be taken anywhere! As long as there is a water hose to hook to! My horses do not mind baths now, and the dogs are even better (and easier) about bathing! I had an extra hand cart that I mounted it on. But it is easy enough to carry and hang.

    Netto Equine




    4.6 317


    I live in California and our temp is pretty mild here. I have read the reviews and have used the intahot first gen for a camping shower before and it seemed to work good but like the reviews stated, it did leak. Have there been any improvments made on the parts and on the cart design? I've also been told that if you don't have strong water pressure it won't work well. Is that true? Can you use a regular shower nozzle on the end?


    The new generation of Insta Hot has had many improvements along the way. The unit should not leak and if it does, contact our Customer Service staff or the manufacturer directly for a replacement fitting. The cart was redesigned to fit the new units and we have not heard of any issues regarding assembly or compatibility with the unit. The unit should still work nicely without having the strongest of pressure.


    My L10 model heater doesn't get gas to the burner when I turn on the water. The tank is full of propane and the water goes thru the system and the sparks above the burner are operational but it doesn't appear that gas is coming out the burner. What could be the problem?


    If everything with the unit is functioning properly, the problem could be with the hose coming from the propane tank. You can contact the manufacturer directly at 1-866-356-1992.


    I was wondering where I can get replacement parts. I am missing the connector for the water hose


    Home Depot, Lowe's or a local hardware store should have standard replacement parts for the unit.


    Would this hook up to the Ezall bathing kit (i.e. soap dispenser kit)?


    Yes, the hose will accept the eZall bathing kit.


    I tried to use my insta-hot today and it will not come on, Is the red indicator supposed to come on? It doesn't. I had the water on, the gas on and no warm water came out. I do not know what to do. Please advise.


    It sounds as though the igniter did not light. You can check to see if the batteries are good or if they are installed properly. Once the igniter is lit, you should have instant hot water. If that does not work, contact our Customer Service staff or the manufacturer, whose number is provided in the manual.


    can you buy replacement parts for the unit? Thank you!


    We do have replacement fittings and adapters for the units.


    Yes, you can get replacement parts for the washer.


    I have not used mine. I found it difficult to balance water pressure and warmth.


    The heater system is not fitting properly on to the cart. We put the heater system on the two protruding pegs of the cart, but it is not secure and wobbles very much. We were wondering if we're missing parts? Was there anything else to secure it besides placing it on the two pegs? Any help on securing it would be appreciated.


    If there is any problem with the unit not hooking up to the cart properly, contact our Customer Service Staff. The unit should fit securely to the cart.


    My heater system did the same thing. I chose to find a wide rubber bungee cord with metal S hooks at the end. It goes around the middle of the heater, strapping it to the round tubes behind the mounted heater unit. It works perfectly!  I have attached a photo. 


    Does the unit retain water within? If so I would be concerned about freezing if keep in an unheated barn.


    Hi, Jerry!  No, the unit doesn't retain the water.  Water runs through it while you're using it but once the hose(s) is disconnected, the water drains out. I used mine all Spring and Summer and really like it.  My horses stand better for a warm bath, too.🙂 Sent from my iPhone


    If you are in a cold climate, it is best to drain the unit and blow air through to be sure to blow out any water that could be left in the coils. Inside storage is recommended. The unit is lightweight and can be easily transported back and forth to the barn if needed in the cold winter months.


    Sent from my iPhone It yes it does retain water . I didn't know this last year and mine froze solid and cracked ,( actually we usually do not get freezing weather so I was caught off guard )  I purchased a new one that I am actually taking down today to drain it fully so this does not happen again .It's a great unit tho ! Love it . But in western Oregon we don't deal with below freezing temps very often . So don't know about places who do. 


    Yes, it retains water and it will freeze (and crack/break) if left undrained in the winter.  I drain mine or my husband hangs a light/lamp on it to keep it warm.  Cathy


    Not sure about within the unit.  I unhook my input hose from the water source with a quick connect as I do with the other hoses in my unheated barn.  I have never had a problem.    


    We show mini horses & they hate cold baths, also have well water which can be pretty cold in early spring. Will this heat water to a comfortable temp for their baths, & stay warm for several (4) baths?

    mini owner

    Yes ! This is a must for bathing your little show horses! The propane last a long time ! You can wash several horses and they are definitely very happy about not having freezing cold water on them in the spring and fall! Very happy with this product. I do recommend getting an extra shutoff connector for hose and your own sprayer. Sent from my iPhone


    Yes, this unit will work for several baths. This unit is an on demand water heater.

    Customer Service

    Love mine, have several horses never a problem giving as many baths as I want any time of year! Sent from my iPhone


    The system works great.. instant hot water. The only issue is if it is in the wind, the unit blows out and you have to shut it off and turn it back on. If your in the barn, it's awesome. I give my yearlings hot baths before the sales and they never shiver or get cold. Sent from my iPhone


    It is "on-demand" hot water that heats as it runs with a setting for temp so as long as you use the outgoing water hose that comes with it and don't run the water too fast, you should have plenty of hot water. Sent from my iPhone


    Yes, this has been a great solution . Takes a little getting used to the temp and water adjustments but once you get used to what works for you, it's great. Well worth the money. Launa DesPortes


    Works great and easy to set up! My horse and dogs have enjoyed it!! Hope this helps!! Debbie Parker***.****


    Yes! This product is amazing! We washed several big horses and they were SO much happier! It great for in between seasons or is you have to rinse off show horses in the early mornings after the get their white legs green! We put an extra adapter on the hose and then a different adjustable sprayer on ours. Can't believe I went SO long without one! We washed several horses for a show and that included washing , conditioning and whitening. Propane last a very long time. You can always get a second propane tank but don't think you'll need one. They make them with regulators that show how much you have left or you can tell because the tank gets light. Sent from my iPhone


    Can the unit be hung on the side of a building and thus avoid need of the cart?


    Yes it can. It comes with a wall mount and screws. Sent from my iPhone


    Yes it can.


    Yes, you can mount the unit to the wall.

    Customer Service

    I think it could if you are crafty


    Yes. I hung it on a wall. Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device




    Yes. And it would be much more stable mounted on a wall rather than on the cart. The back of the unit has two keyhole type mounts (above and below each other) that you would use to mount the unit on a wall. Sent from my iPad


    Yes the unit can be hung. We love our unit. Works great! Cindy


    Yes that is how we mounted one of our units. Sent from my iPhone


    Yes it has spots in the back to hang on the wall. You will probably need a longer hose. Any hose will connect to it. Sent from my iPhone


    Insta Hot Model Comparison

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