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Long Lines for Horse Training

Long lines are valuable tools in starting young horses or the continuing education of broke horse. Horses quickly learn to respond to bit pressure and bending techniques.

  • Long lines are 30' long

Best Seller
Dura-Tech® MCR Long Lines 30'
  • The most durable, tangle free pair of long lines available
  • Made of genuine Mountain Climbing rope for exceptional durability
  • Round lines fit perfectly through all size surcingle rings
  • Specially woven to never fray, snag or hang up
  • Soft, comfortable feel in the hand and easy to work with 
  • 30’ long
  • Sold in pairs
$87.99 $69.99
  • Ideal training method for starting youngsters or green horses
  • Helps introduce and establish a beneficial ground training program
  • Can be used with a training surcingle or with a saddle
  • Heavy duty tubular cotton web lines with swivel scissor snaps 
  • Soft in the hand and fits through most surcingle rings
  • Reins can be joined together with a plastic quick release buckle
  • Measures:  1”W x 24’L
  • Sold in pairs
  • Brown only
$34.99 $27.99

Long lines are useful when beginning training with young horses or if you’re continuing the schooling of a horse already broken. With long lines, horse training is very effective, as the horse will learn to respond to pressure from the bit in addition to bending techniques. You’ll find long lines of different lengths from Dura-Tech® and long line bit connectors from Billy Royal®.

Why Work a Horse with Long Lining?

Long lines are a training tool that isn’t only for young horses, but for conditioning and schooling horses of all ages and levels of training. Working a horse with long lines is also good for horses returning after an injury. Ground driving is effective in teaching bending and flexing while building your horse’s confidence. It’s a great way to keep your own blood circulating, in addition to your horse’s! Long lining also helps the horse become more relaxed, and it teaches a less experienced rider to keep hold of their horse without pulling on the reins or any backward motion.

Tips for Long Lining a Horse

When long lining a horse, you shouldn’t be on the side of the horse or directly behind them, but rather behind and slightly to their right. Long lining can be deceptively challenging, because a nervous or angry horse might turn in an unwanted direction, with the danger of getting tangled in the lines. It’s also important not to walk too quickly or too slowly, but to try to match the horse’s stride. The lines should not go slack, nor should they pull so that the horse feels restricted.

Long Lines from Schneiders

Our Dura-Tech long lines are made from either mountain-climbing rope (MCR) or from heavy-duty tubular cotton web. Both of these materials are proven to be most durable. They’re soft and fit through most surcingle rings. These long lines can be used with a saddle or training surcingle. Long line bit connectors make it possible to ground drive horses while learning to accept a double bridle. These are full adjustable and are made from hand rubbed and oiled supple harness leather with brass hardware.