Equestrian Backpacks

Equestrian Backpacks
Equestrian Backpacks
Equestrian backpacks keep you mobile while protecting your gear from the elements. With room for everything, including your English helmet, backpacks from Schneiders help you stay organized for daily lessons or while traveling the exhibition circuit.
Ariat® Ring Backpack
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Ariat® Ring Backpack
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Samshield Iconpack
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Samshield Iconpack
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How to Choose an Equestrian Backpack

Your gear dictates the type of equestrian backpack you need. For English riders, you need something that can accommodate your helmet; backpacks don’t often fit that shape. The equestrian backpacks at Schneiders are designed specifically for equestrians, so they have special pockets or adjustable pouches just for your helmet.

If you’re on the road for a while, your gear can get dirty, wet and disorganized. A high-quality equestrian backpack can keep all your personal items dry and handy. Your laptop, phone, keys, gloves, chaps, boots and jacket will always be clean and easy to locate in an equestrian backpack. Some designs include rain covers for extra protection.

Lugging gear between stalls or from the trailer is heavy work. An equestrian backpack with padded, adjustable straps keeps your hands free to lead your horse or carry your tack bag. Some styles have compression molded backs for extra comfort during long days.

A Full Line of Durable Equestrian Backpacks & More

Schneiders brings you all the bridle and tack bags you need to keep your stable, trailer or exhibition stall organized and tidy. Free shipping on all qualifying orders makes it even easier to get the equestrian bags and storage solutions you need.

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