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EquiCare LED Therapy® - Single Wraps

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EquiCare LED Therapy - Single Wraps
Wearable LED Therapy to Prevent - Maintain And Treat Injuries
Wearable LED Therapy to Prevent - Maintain And Treat Injuries
EquiCare™ LED Therapy is a remarkable line of wraps at unbelievable prices for the everyday horseman. LED Light Therapy products should be in every barn to help prevent, maintain and treat soft tissue injuries and help alleviate chronic conditions in horses. Multiple Wrap sizes to treat areas all over your horse. Treats but is not limited to: tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints. It can aid in treating arthritis, laminitis, navicular, tendon strains, muscle swelling, and tightness. And, don't forget your canine friend either. These wraps can be wrapped around there back or are large enough to lay on for front or hip issues. (The statements and the products shown on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Our products should never be used in place of veterinary care. Those seeking treatment for a specific concern should consult a qualified veterinarian prior to using our products if possible.) Not limited to Equine use, can be used on Dogs, Cats and other Livestock that may need therapy to recover from injury.
Key Benefits
Red Light Therapy Penetrates Deep into Tissues
Red Light Therapy Penetrates Deep into Tissues
Specifically, two types of medical-grade wavelengths, a visible red light (660nm) and an invisible near-infrared light (850nm) work in unison to penetrate the levels of tissue to positively affect the tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints.The process dramatically increases the blood flow sending more oxygen throughout the body, increasing collage, endorphins, and capillary production, speeding up the removal of waste products, and helping to heal the entire body.
Multiple Wrap Sizes
Multiple Wrap Sizes
Single Kits come in three different sizes. Medium wraps come with an LED pad that is 9" tall x 12" long with a total length of 30" to wrap around the leg. Large wraps come with an LED Pad 11 1/2" tall x 18" long with a total length of 38". X-Large wraps come with an LED Pad that is 17" tall x 30" long with a full length of 94" to treat various areas on your horse's body, including cannon bones, hocks, necks, backs, stifles, etc. Each kit comes with an aluminum carry case, rechargeable battery, charging cord, and extension belts.
NO Cords To Get Tangled
NO Cords To Get Tangled
Each wrap has a self-sticking hook and loop closure. The battery packs have hook and loop backing that sticks to the wrap when in use. This means no cords to get tangled up. Horses should still be tied when wraps are in use.
How To Use
How To Use
Charge batteries before using. Batteries will last up to a week with regular use, if not longer. Use before daily training sessions to loosen uptense muscles, tendons, and joints. Use before a massage, acupuncture, or other therapeutic techniques to stimulate and release trigger points. Limit treatment time to 20-30 minute intervals 1 to 2 times per day. Do not use over open wounds.
1 Year warranty on manufacturing defects included on LED wrap and cords. Coverage on horse damage (biting the wraps or cords or stepping on them) is not covered.
Professional Reviews
Professional Review
Chris Culbreth
Arabian Horse Trainer
Culbreth Equine Training & Management, Scottsdale, Arizona
”Our EquiCare® LED Light Kit has quickly become an integral part of our training program. At the encouragement of our veterinarian we regulary use the light therapy for the treatment of sore muscles as well as any inflammation which may occur for a variety of reasons. We have found that for senior horses who experience slight tightness at the beginning of their workouts, we can assist them by using the therapy before any exercise. We have found that horses with some minor chonic issues will often attain complete reversal of symptoms over a very short period of time using the EquiCare® Light Therapy. We now use this daily at home and at horse shows to keep our horses performing at the top level they need to.&rdquo
Wipe the inside of the wraps down with a damp cloth to clean and place back in the hard carry case for protection.
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