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Equine Copper Quick Wraps

The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars 19 Reviews
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For copper hock wraps, we recommend:
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars 22 Reviews
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Equine Copper Quick Wraps
Experience the power of copper therapy with these quick wraps for your horse's legs. Designed for both stable and trailering use, these convenient wraps increase circulation, aiding in the recovery of muscle, ligament, and tendon injuries. Unlike traditional ceramic therapy products, they do not heat the body, making them perfect for warmer months. The copper threads woven into the lining deliver consistent and long-lasting therapeutic benefits.

  • Copper therapy aids in injury recovery and relieves muscle stiffness
  • Aids in the recovery of injuries to muscles, ligaments, and tendons
  • Woven copper threads offer enduring therapeutic benefits
  • Suitable for stable use, training, and trailering
  • Breathable neoprene outer with Lycra bound edges
  • Quilted inner wrap features a 320g fiberfill with a copper lining
  • Detachable inner wrap for easy laundering
  • Contoured design for suspensory support
  • Secure 4-strap hook and loop closure with elastic inserts
  • For front legs, medium and large is recommended
  • For hind legs, large and x-large are recommended
  • Not for turnout use
  • Patent pending

Professional Reviews
Professional Review
Bob Hart
Arabian Trainer
Vallejo III, Afton, OK
”I know how I feel when I wear copper products, and now I see how great my horses feel wearing the new Equine Copper line of products from Schneiders too. I see an unbelievable difference in my horse's performance and attitude.”
Andrew Nave
Cowhorse Trainer
Nave Cowhorses, Everett, PA
”We ask a lot of our horses, so it is our job to make sure they feel and perform at their best. Whether it is preparing for a big show or recovering after a hard work I trust Equine Copper products to keep our horses performing at the next level.”
Professional Review
Professional Review
Jeremy Young
Cutting Horse Trainer
Jeremy Young Cutting Horses, Big Timber, MO
”Schneiders Equine Copper horsewear has been a huge help in keeping my horses sound, feeling good and ready to complete. Thank you for coming out with a therapy line that I can see the results with.”
Size Shell Height Padding Height Horse Height
Medium 11.5" 14" 14.2-15.1 hh
Large 12" 15" 15.2-16.1 hh
X-Large 13" 16" 16.2+ hh

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