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FES Bits

FES Bits
FES Bits
FES bits, quality bits for English and Western riders at a value that can’t be beat. Shop FES loose ring snaffles, FES ported bits, FES shank bits, FES D ring snaffles, FES Tom Thumb snaffles and more. Shop our large selection of quality bits made from stainless steel, copper and sweet iron.
FES® Rope Nose Hackamore
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FES Low Port Correction Kimberwick
FES Copper Correction Kimberwick
FES Arabian Show Bit Low Port
FES Copper Correction Bit

FES Bits – Quality English and Western Horse Bits at Unbeatable Value

Whether you are an English rider or a Western rider, enjoy riding out or in the show or competition ring, FES has a bit for your riding needs.

FES provides a wide range of popular bit styles and materials for the rider to choose from.

FES Snaffle Bits – FES snaffle bits are direct pressure bits working on the bars and the corners of the horse’s mouth. In single jointed and double-jointed mouthpiece styles, in stainless steel, copper and sweet iron materials. FES snaffle bits are available in loose ring, D ring, Tom Thumb, eggbutt and full cheek options.

FES Ported Bits – The ported bit is a leverage bit applying pressure to the palate of the horse’s mouth. FES bits come in a wide variety of ported styles, from the FES correction bit, medium ported FES bits and high ported FES bits. Our FES ported bits are available in stainless steel, sweet iron, copper and copper inlay mouthpiece styles. Other options on the FES ported bits are multiple shank lengths and decorative overlay/engraveing detailing.

FES Dressage Bits – If you are a dressage rider, FES has a bit for you regardless of your level. From FES loose ring snaffles for training to FES bradoons and FES weymouths for your show ring double bridle, FES’s top quality bits will help you successfully communicate with your horse.

FES Arabian Show Bits – Beautifully crafted for the perfect show ring look, our FES Arabian Show bits are of a quality and value that cant be beat. Choose from FES Arabian Show Bits in low port, C port and frog roller port styles. All FES Arabian Show bit options include hand engraved silver plated conchos and shanks.

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