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Figure 8 Bridles

Figure 8 Bridles
Outfit your horse with a figure 8 bridle engineered to stabilize the bit in their mouth while promoting airflow. Select from the many sizes and colors we offer to find a perfect figure 8 horse bridle for you and your horse.

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Schneiders® Ergonomic Monocrown Figure 8 Bridle with Removable Fleece
Schneiders® Ergonomic Monocrown Figure 8 Bridle with Removable Fleece
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Schneiders® Ergonomic Monocrown Figure 8 Bridle with Removable Fleece
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What is a Figure 8 Horse Bridle

Figure 8 bridles are specially designed to allow your horse to expand his nostrils while also keeping their mouth closed so they cannot evade the bit. These bridles are especially popular among show jumpers and eventers as these disciplines require endurance. Figure 8 horse bridles are also engineered to shape the horse’s face and fit comfortably as they often come with fleece lining to prevent rubbing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Figure 8 Bridles

What does a figure 8 horse bridle do?

A figure 8 bridle has a noseband that is shaped like a figure 8 around the nose to keep your horse's mouth closed and allow the horse to fully expand their nostrils. It helps promote airflow and increase endurance, many upper level riders use these nosebands in show jumping and eventing competitions.

What are the benefits of a figure 8 bridle?

The figure 8 bridle improves your horses ability to breath while also keeping their mouth closed and shapes to your horses face. Many figure 8 bridles have nosebands that are fleece lined aswell to improve the fit and prevent rubbing.

What is the difference between a flash and figure 8 bridle?

The difference between a figure 8 bridle and a flash bridle is that a Flash bridle has a flash component that is attached to a crank or cavesson noseband. The flash goes around the horse's nose to prevent them from evading the bit. A figure 8 noseband is placed higher on the horses nose, this keeps their mouth close and helps them breathe better. Flash bridles and figure 8 bridles both work to keep the horse's mouth closed, but figure 8 bridles are designed to make it easier for them to breathe.

How should a figure 8 bridle fit?

When the bridle is on your horse the two metal rings should be behind the cheekpieces of the bridle and above the cheekbones. The centerpiece should fit about where the horse's nose begins to feel more solid or at the top of the nasal bone. Read this blog about Fitting English Bridles to learn more about how to fit a figure 8 bridle.

Can you use a figure 8 bridle in dressage?

A figure 8 bridle can be used in most dressage shows with a snaffle bit. They may not be used as a double bridle. Check the specific show rulebook before buying a figure 8 bridle. If you do not plan on showing, any bridle can be used for you to do dressage with your horse.

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