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Figure 8 Bridle Collection

Figure 8 Bridle Collection
Figure 8 Bridle Collection
Find a fine leather figure 8 bridle for any jumper rider. Shop beautifully crafted and stitched bridles with padded figure-8 nosebands, available in Mono Crown or Comfort Plus®. Shop top brand names like Collegiate and Joseph Sterling®. Find a figure 8 bridle for sale online at Schneider's.
Joseph Sterling ® EVX Figure 8 Bridle
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Joseph Sterling® Comfort Plus Jumper Bridle with Figure 8
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Figure 8 Bridle Features

Setting a standard in the jumper ring, figure 8 bridles help to keep the bit engaged and the horse’s mouth closed.

Like a drop noseband, the figure 8 bridle helps to keep the horse’s mouth closed – but while doing so allows the horse’s nostrils more room than the drop noseband, allowing the greatest amount of airflow to pass.

Figure 8 bridles are commonly available with a synthetic or genuine sheepskin padding on the nose at the center crossing of the figure 8.

Traditionally, figure 8 bridles transition to the crown with a ring at the cheek, allowing flexibility in the angle of the figure 8 so that it conforms to each horse’s nose.

Stainless steel or brass buckles, either in a roller or in a standard form, complete the closure of the figure 8 under the chin.

Most figure 8 bridles are made with raised leather with fancy stitched design.

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