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Fly New Arrivals

New Horse Fly Protection
New Horse Fly Protection
Summertime is fly time, and no one knows that better than horse owners. Those pesky insects can quickly ruin a ride and cause serious health problems for your horse. That's why investing in fly protection is important, and Schneiders has a great selection of new horse fly protection to choose from.
Fly Bye! Plus Fly Sprays
$14.99 - $55.99
$14.99 - $50.99
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Shop New Horse Fly Protection from Schneiders

Fly protection is an important part of horse care, and Schneider's offers a great selection of new horse fly protection products to keep your horse comfortable all season long. From fly sheets and fly masks to fly sprays and repellents, we have everything you need to keep the bugs at bay.

Whether you're looking for something to keep the flies away while your horse is grazing or you need full coverage for riding, we have what you need. Our fly masks are made from durable materials and offer excellent coverage, while our fly sheets and wraps provide full protection from head to tail. We also have a variety of fly sprays and powders to help keep the flies away all day long. Don't let the flies ruin your summer fun - shop Schneiders for all your fly protection needs.

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