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Full Cheek Snaffle Bits

Full cheek snaffle bits
Full cheek snaffle bits
Full cheek snaffle bits are great training and English riding bits. Quality full cheek snaffle bits with single-jointed, multi-jointed or twisted mouthpieces in stainless steel or sweet iron. Shop top brands like Herm Sprenger, Happy Mouth, Myler, FES and more.
FES Bit Sweet Iron Snaffle 5" Full Cheek
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FES Slow Twist Full Cheek
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Full Cheek Snaffle Bits – Popular Training Bit for the English Horse

The full cheek snaffle is named after its cheek piece design consisting of small poles attached to the bit ring. The full cheek snaffle helps the horse with lateral movement and is often used for training. When a rein aid is applied the cheek piece pole provides lateral pressure on the cheek of the horse, helping the horse to turn.

Like most snaffle bits, the full cheek snaffle is available with a single joint or multi-jointed mouthpiece. Mouthpieces of the full cheek snaffle can also be twisted or double-twisted wire.

When using a full cheek snaffle the rider may also choose to use bit keepers. These small leather keepers are made of two connected loops, one to go through the bridle cheek hanger and one to loop over the top of the full cheek pole. The bit keepers help to keep the bit full cheeks upright and keep them from becoming stuck behind the cheek hanger of the bridle.

There isn’t much ability for the bit to be pulled through the horse’s mouth with a full cheek, as the poles of the bit’s cheek pieces extend up and down from the horse’s lips. However, there is a risk the full cheek poles can get caught on reins or leg wraps if the horse rubs their face.

Fine quality full cheek bits are made from stainless steel, copper, and sweet iron.

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