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Full Cheek Snaffle Bits

Full cheek snaffle bits
Full cheek snaffle bits are a popular single-jointed snaffle bit used by all different types of riders. Shop full cheek bits in stainless steel, copper inlay, copper roller, or sweet iron mouthpieces from your favorite trusted brands.
FES Slow Twist Full Cheek
Schneiders® Slow Twist Full Cheek
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FES Bit Sweet Iron Snaffle 5" Full Cheek
Schneiders® Bit Sweet Iron Snaffle 5" Full Cheek
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Choosing the Best Full Cheek Snaffle Bit

Full cheek snaffle bits are a great bit choice for a variety of riders and horses. Full cheek bits have fixed cheek pieces with two long shafts connecting to the center ring. When the reins are pulled, or pressure is applied, the bit puts pressure across the sides of the horse’s mouth giving excellent lateral control and aiding in steering. The mouthpiece options come in a wide variety from a plain single joint snaffle, slow twist or square twist, sweet iron, copper inlay or copper roller, and more.

Full cheek snaffles are popular for novice horses and riders as this style of bit sits more steady and still in the horse’s mouth, which can be beneficial for less-experienced riders still learning to have a proper feel or contact, or for young horses learning to accept the bit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Full Cheek Snaffles

What is a full cheek snaffle bit used for?

A full cheek snaffle bit is used for horses that can benefit from pressure being applied more directly to the side of their mouth, with less pressure on their sensitive lips and tongue.

How do full cheek bits work?

Full cheek snaffle bits work by applying pressure to the sides of a horse’s mouth from the cheekpieces when pressure is applied to the reins. This gives you better lateral control for steering and can also be used to teach a novice horse how to respond to the bit before they advance on to stronger bits in their training.

Should you use keepers with a full cheek snaffle?

You should always use bit keepers with full cheek snaffle bits. Bit keepers are small leather loops that connect from the top portion of the bit’s cheek piece to the bridle, holding the bit in place inside of the horse’s mouth. Bit keepers also prevent accidents in the event that the shaft of the cheek piece ever got caught on something that could cause the horse to panic or cause an injury.

Is a full cheek snaffle dressage legal?

A full cheek snaffle bit is dressage legal as long as the mouthpiece is a smooth mouthpiece. You cannot have any twists or Dr. Bristol mouthpiece links.

Are full cheek and fixed cheek the same thing?

A full cheek snaffle bit is a type of fixed cheek bit. The cheek pieces stay in a fixed position, applying pressure to the sides of the mouth when the reins are pulled or a rider is turning the horse, holding the mouthpiece steady in the horse’s mouth.

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