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German Martingales

German Martingales
German Martingales
The German martingale is a specialized piece of training tack that teaches your horse to give to the bit and flex at the poll. By helping the rider teach the horse good vertical or lateral head position, German martingales can be a powerful training tool. Most German martingale reins are made in traditional leather and come complete with specialized reins.
Premier German Martingale
Billy Royal® German Martingale

The German Martingale and its Use in Horse Training

German martingales are useful training tools for both English and Western trainers. With the German martingale reins, the martingale forks come up from the chest and through the bit, then snap onto rings placed at various spots on the specialized reins. Most German martingales come complete with the specialized reins.

The German martingale rein is designed to teach your horse to give to the bit and flex at the poll. One of the benefits of the German martingale is when used correctly, the horse gives to the bit the martingale releases, rewarding the horse and allowing you to ride with a direct bit contact.

Another benefit of the German martingale is its ability to help the rider maintain a good vertical or lateral head position.

Traditionally made of quality leather and solid brass or stainless steel hardware.

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