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Saddle Fittings
Saddle Fittings
English girths and Western cinches and girths in a variety of styles and materials. Offering leather girths, neoprene, mohair and string cinches, non-slip girths, fleece, sheepskin lined girths and other girth and cinch styles from top brands like Professional’s Choice, Passier, Classic Equine, EquiFit, Toklat, Wintec, Dura-Tech® and more.
Fleece Girth Cover
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Fleece Girth Cover
Girth Extender
Dura-Tech® Pro Two Piece Neoprene Girth
Special Buy
2 Colors
Billy Royal® Leather Off Billet
33368_lightoil.jpg image Billy Royal® Leather Off Billet
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Billy Royal® Leather Off Billet
2 Colors
Billy Royal® Latigo Half Breed Off Billet Strap
41223_Black.jpg image Billy Royal® Latigo Half Breed Off Billet Strap
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Billy Royal® Latigo Half Breed Off Billet Strap
Dura-Tech® Neoflex Training & Show Girth
$27.99 - $34.99

Horse Girths & Cinches - Their Function and Design

A girth or cinch is arguably the most important piece of horse tack for riders. An English saddle girth or a western cinch for saddle girth will keep the saddle on the horse and in turn the rider in the saddle.

Leather girths are available in colors to match saddles. They come in different types such as fancy stitched or plain, leather padded or sheepskin-lined and fancy tooled, to name a few.

The Western Saddle Girth

Western cinches and western saddle girths are available in different styles, for example, straight cinches, shoulder relief and roper cinches in materials such as neoprene, string, mohair, alpaca and fleece lined with tooled leather.

The back cinch, sometimes referred to as a rear girth, back girth or flank cinch, is more than a decorative accessory for the Western saddle.  It’s a piece of tack that stabilizes the saddle by holding it snug and level to your horse so your saddle doesn’t shift forward. Made of leather, the back cinch or rear girth is available in single or two-ply thickness.

Popular everyday saddle girths and cinches are made from fleece-lined webbing. These girths are extremely durable and easy to clean.  Great for everyday use.

Girth converters or extenders increase the length of your girth to allow it to fit different horses or saddles.

Many girths and cinches are available in a non-slip design. Neoprene is a common material used in non-slip girths and cinches.

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