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Grooma® ManeMaster

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Grooma® ManeMaster
  • Simple, effective method to achieve a hand pulled look
  • Absolutely painless and quickly achieves desired length
  • Stainless steel blades for precision cutting
  • Use to thin or shorten both manes and tails
  • Comes with easy to follow instructions
  • Measures:  8” long



  • Start with a tangle free mane. Unlike conventional pulling, with the ManeMaster you can complete each section as you go; therefore, the most efficient method is to start at the withers and work towards the head to obtain the best line.
  • Back comb the mane to just above the desired length until you have a small number of hairs in the center blades.
  • At the end of the back comb - NOT ALL THE WAY TO THE ROOT - raise the hair in your hand in an upward motion into the blades so that the hair is under tension. Press the lever and the hair will be clipped. The length of the mane is determined by how far back you comb.
  • Comb out tagles in preparation for the next cut.


  • Start with a tangle free tail.
  • Fan out the top tail hairs to the side.
  • Back comb towards the tailbone until a few hairs are in the center blades (same as the mane) and press the lever to clip.
  • The shortness of the tail hair is determined by how close to the tailbone you clip.


  • Brush the blades to free any trapped hair or dirt.
  • Always wash the blades after each use and lubricate with a lighweight lubricant like WD40. DO NOT use clipper oil as it will combine with dirt in the mane and cause the blades to stick.

    DO NOT open the case for any reason, as it will invalidate the warranty.


List of DO NOTS:

  • DO NOT open the casing by removing the screws. This will invalidate the warranty.
  • DO NOT overload the blade with hair. This may spring the blades. If you cannot count the number of hairs in the comb, YOU HAVE TOO MANY!
  • DO NOT use clipper oil as it will combine with dirt in the mane and cause the blades to stick.

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