Grooming Racks & Totes

Grooming Racks and Totes
Grooming Racks and Totes
Easy-Up® Pro Saddle, Pad & Supplies Wall System
$49.99 - $85.99
$34.99 - $59.99
Easy-Up® Pro Series Saddle & Tack Cart
Easy-Up® Show Cart with Saddle Rack
Easy-Up® Saddle and Tack Cart
2 Colors
Dura-Tech® Grooming & Stool Box
37165_pink.jpg image Dura-Tech® Grooming & Stool Box
37165_gray.jpg image
Dura-Tech® Grooming & Stool Box
Easy-Up® Basket & Tack Rack
Special Buy
Easy-Up® Pro Series Rail Basket
5 Colors
Dura-Tech® Supreme Small Stall Front Bag
38537_navy.jpg image Dura-Tech® Supreme Small Stall Front Bag
38537_burgundy.jpg image Dura-Tech® Supreme Small Stall Front Bag
38537_royalblue.jpg image Dura-Tech® Supreme Small Stall Front Bag
38537_black.jpg image Dura-Tech® Supreme Small Stall Front Bag
38537_huntergreen.jpg image
Dura-Tech® Supreme Small Stall Front Bag
Easy-Up® Saddle Caddy Wheeler
Easy-Up® Mini Groom Room Rack

Horse Grooming Totes & Organizers: Everyone thinks about the best shampoos, brushes and bands to use when grooming their horse. But the best grooming product you order may be the container to keep everything in. A good horse grooming tote is a necessity for organizing, storing and transporting your gear for coat, mane and tail care. At Schneiders, you can pick from a nice selection of Dura-Tech® grooming totes and organizers that will quickly find a home in stables, tack rooms, trailers and show stalls. By using our grooming totes, you will have easy access to all of your grooming essentials and be able to transport them easily.

Get the best price today on a horse grooming bag that is roomy and spacious enough for even professional groomers to hold all their supplies. We carry compact grooming bags that hold essential ring-side items for last-second preparations, deluxe grooming totes with multiple exterior pockets for commonly used items, universal grooming backs with enclosed tops to keep out debris and special braiding and banding bags that can be hung on your belt. They are made of heavy-duty nylon, water-resistant polyester or vinyl-coated mesh that are breathable to prevent mold and dust. Get a grooming bag for horses in your favorite color and pattern to easily keep track of it at busy events. If you are seeking an alternative for space or equipment reasons, consider our heavy-duty horse grooming boxes. Hard plastic grooming boxes are impact- and weather-resistant for use in suboptimal conditions. Grooming boxes with covers also double as stools for reaching high shelves or as seats for taking a breather. We also offer roll-up grooming bags that fit in tight spaces for transport and hanging grooming organizers that conveniently attach to your stable door. We've come up with lots of ways to hold grooming equipment because we know there are lots of situations that demand them. Every grooming tote has a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee!

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