Shock Absorbing Half Pads for Horses

Shock Absorbing Half Pads for Horses
Shock Absorbing Half Pads for Horses
Half pads are innovative solutions to absorb shock, help saddle fit and to provide horse’s comfort. Half pads come in many options and designs like wither relief, high wither, gel, sheepskin, with shims, memory foam, contoured, shock absorption, riser pads and anti-slip. Shop top half pad brands like Thinline®, Dura-Tech®, EQ Innovations™ and more!
Dura-Tech® Gel-Lite™ Support Pad System
$21.99 - $71.99
$14.99 - $49.99
Dura-Tech® Non-Slip Foam Support Pad
Dura-Tech® Fleece Half Pad
Dura-Tech® Anti-Slip Half Pad
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Dura-Tech® Anti-Slip Half Pad
2 Colors
Acavallo® Shaped Gel Half Pad
40193_black.jpg image Acavallo® Shaped Gel Half Pad
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Acavallo® Shaped Gel Half Pad
LeMieux® Pro-Sorb Plain Half Pad

The Half Pad - The Saddle Pad That’s Half the Size but Full of Innovation

The half pad is a somewhat newcomer to the saddle pad world. Born of a desire to help absorb impact and help saddle fit, the half pad has become a very technical and innovative piece of English horse tack. Half pads sit on top of a regular saddle pad and under the saddle.

Wither pads and wither relief pads all focus on relieving pressure points from the saddle on the point of the horse’s withers. In addition, some saddles on high withered horses sit too low and the pommel doesn’t have enough clearance over the wither. A high wither relief pad is perfect in this situation.

Impact relief half pads are often filled with gel, foam or memory foam to absorb shock from the saddle. These materials, while excellent shock absorbers, can make the horse hot due to their non-breathable nature. Because of this, many gel and foam half pads have designed air flow holes and other methods to try and keep the horse’s back cool.

Occasionally even with a well fitted saddle, a saddle starts to slip while riding. A simple anti-slip half pad can help keep the saddle in place. In contrast a half pad with anti-slip features help keep the saddle on the half pad correctly. Some anti-slip half pads accomplish both.

Riser pads are typically made of foam and help to raise the back of the saddle off the horse so the saddle sits level. Riser pads come in varying thickness to accommodate your needs. Since most riser pads are made of foam, many have holes to help dissipate heat.

A shim half pad allows the rider to place corrective padding in the thickness and location they desire. Shim half pads have pockets in the wither and cantle area in which the chosen shims can be placed. Shims come in various thicknesses and shapes like a wedge. This provides a more customized fit and also allows the rider to use one half pad on different horses with different issues. Most shim pads come with foam inserts, felt inserts or a combination of both.

Contoured half pads are cut and shaped to fit perfectly around the saddle cantle and bars, providing comfort and a neat, tidy look. Most half pads are now made contoured since fit is such an important factor in riding.

Although nothing is better than a perfectly fitted saddle on its own, half pads can help alleviate minor saddle fitting issues and offer extra shock absorption from the saddle and rider to help maintain a healthy horse’s back.

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