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Halter, Saddle & Bridle Name Plates

Horse Halter Name Plates, Saddle Name Plates, and Bridle Name Plates
Horse Halter Name Plates, Saddle Name Plates, and Bridle Name Plates
Decorate your horse's halter, bridle, and saddle with a personalized nameplate. Select from the many horse halter name plates, saddle name plates, and bridle nameplate styles we offer. Then personalize the nameplate by choosing from the many different metals and font options available.
Notched Halter Name Plate - Nickel
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Why Buy Personalized Name Plates for Your Halter, Saddle, and Bridle?

Personalized name plates look great on tack, but they also help with identifying your horse and tack to keep it safe. Below are some ways that adding nameplates to your tack can help you and your horse.


This is especially true for horse halter nameplates. Think of a halter nameplate like a dog tag, if your horse ever gets out at night and gets lost someone will be able to identify them. This is also true for saddle nameplates and bridle nameplates. If any of your tack gets misplaced someone will be able to identify them. This is also very useful for riders who keep their horses in large barns. A new barn manager may not know all of the horses by name and could accidentally feed your horse the wrong feed or put them in the wrong stall. Purchasing a halter nameplate could prevent a mistake like this.

If you want to get name plates mainly for identification purposes make sure to at least include your horse's full name and your phone number on the nameplate.


Though this is not the main reason for getting name plates for your tack, many people who show frequently like to have their name plates decorating their tack as an extra detail. This can make tack appear fancier and more put together.

Frequently Asked Questions About Name Plates

Where do you put a nameplate on a martingale?

A nameplate can go anywhere you’d like on the martingale but it would probably be best in a wider section that will not rub your horse when it is being worn. It is best to use thinner name plates for martingales.

How do you attach a nameplate to a horse halter?

First unwrap your nameplate and center it on the halter it will be attached to. Mark where the holes will be and then use a hole punch to punch holes where you marked. Push the rivets from the back through the holes in the tack and then through the nameplate. Finally, hammer the rivet caps onto the tops of the rivets to stabilize the halter nameplate.

How do you attach a nameplate to a saddle?

Place the saddle nameplate where you would like it to go and hammer or drill the rivets into the saddle. If you put the nameplate in an area where you can reach the other side of the leather, follow the instructions for attaching horse halter nameplates.

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