Happy Mouth Bits

Happy Mouth Bits
Happy Mouth Bits
Happy Mouth Bits, for both English and Western horses, are mouthpieces covered with a space age polymer that is both durable and somewhat giving in the horse’s mouth, encouraging the horse to chew and relax their jaw. In addition, all Happy Mouth bits are apple scented helping the horse accept the bit. Happy Mouth bits are available in all popular bit styles including loose ring snaffle, D ring snaffle, full cheek and more.

The Happy Mouth Bit – The Apple Scented Bit Brand

Happy Mouth Bits are a top brand of English and Western horse bits with a apple scented and flavored mouthpiece.

The Happy Mouth Bit mouthpiece is covered with a durable but soft space age polymer that is scented with apple, making the horse a tasty and more favorable bit. Many horses enjoy the apple flavored bit which in turn relaxes their jaw and aids in bit acceptance.

Made with a top-quality stainless-steel core Happy Mouth Bits are built to last.

Popular with both riders and horses, the Happy Mouth Bit is available in many styles to fit horse and rider needs. Choose from a Happy Mouth loose ring snaffle bit, D ring snaffle, and full cheek snaffle bit and more.

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