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Happy Mouth Bits

Happy Mouth Bits
English and Western horses seem to love Happy Mouth horse bits for their inviting and comfortable space-age polymer coating, with a yummy apple flavor that helps encourage horses to chew and relax their jaw. Shop your favorite popular mouthpiece styles with a new Happy Mouth bit!

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Happy Mouth Bits, The Apple Scented Bit Brand

Happy Mouth horse bits are extremely popular bits for both English and Western riders, due to their unique nature of coming in the most commonly used styles of horse bits. Happy Mouth bits are made from a soft space-age polymer material that is coated over a traditional stainless steel core. This plastic is durable while still being comfortable for horses, including young or sensitive-mouthed horses.

The polymer coating is apple scented which horses seem to really enjoy, promoting salivation and relaxation through the jaw and poll, which allows a horse to accept the bit and be happier during work. Happy Mouth horse bits are available in many styles, which encourages horses to play with the bit just enough to keep them relaxed and occupied, while still maintaining pressure across their tongue and lips. This poplar bit also comes in a D-ring snaffle bit which is a favorite among many hunter-jumper riders.

Frequently Asked Questions About Happy Mouth Horse Bits

What is a happy mouth bit?

A Happy Mouth bit is a brand of horse bit that uses an apple-scented material to coat the mouthpiece of traditionally styled bits, making them more inviting and enjoyable for a horse, aiding in better bit acceptance and relaxation.

What are happy mouth bits made of?

Happy Mouth horse bits are made from a space-age polymer plastic that coats the metal mouthpiece of the bit. This plastic is hard and durable while the apple flavor encourages horses to chew, become more relaxed, and better accept the bit for a better riding experience.

Are Happy Mouth bits softer?

Happy Mouth bits are considered softer than traditional metal bits due to their special polymer plastic coating over a stainless steel core that adds some comfort to plain metal. This material is durable while still being softer than metal and having an apple flavoring that horses really enjoy.

Are happy mouth bits dressage legal?

Yes, a select number of Happy Mouth bits are legal in Dressage competitions. While you should always check with your organization's most current rule book, the Happy Mouth bradoon snaffle, Weymouth bit, or plain (smooth) mullen loose ring, are permitted in Dressage.

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