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Herm Sprenger® Bits

Herm Sprenger® Bits
Herm Sprenger® Bits
Herm Sprenger® horse bits have been ergonomically designed to provide comfort and effectiveness for your horse. With single jointed or double-jointed french and oval link snaffles, you can find Herm Sprenger® bits in both copper and Sensogan mouthpieces. Shop our selection of Herm Sprenger® bits today.
Herm Sprenger KK Ultra Loose Ring Bit
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Herm Sprenger Loose Ring Copper Snaffle Bit
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Herm Sprenger® English Horse Bits

Herm Sprenger® bits have been crafted since 1872. Made from stainless steel, copper, and Sensogan, Sprenger horse bits are a trusted brand of bits for a variety of horses.

The Sensogan material is unique as it has been designed to have a more appealing taste to horses which can increase salivation, further improving acceptance of the bit and relaxation. Sensogan is a special blend of nickel-free alloy made from zinc, manganese, and copper.

Frequently Asked Questions About Herm Sprenger® Bits

What is a Herm Sprenger bit?

Herm Sprenger bits are designed to properly fit the shape of a horse’s mouth, for an ergonomically correct fit over their tongue. Herm Sprenger horse bits come in a variety of mouthpiece and cheek piece styles, including the popular Sensogan material. Sensogan bits are made from a nickel-free alloy combination of copper, zinc, and manganese, giving the bit a sweet taste horses enjoy, resulting in more saliva, a relaxed jaw, and better acceptance of the bit.

How are Herm Sprenger Bits measured?

Herm Sprenger horse bits are best measured to fit your horse correctly by choosing the correct thickness and size (or overall length) for your horse. To find the best thickness of a Herm Sprenger bit, you can try putting your index and middle finger into the area where the bit would naturally rest in your horse’s mouth, next to their lips, being careful not to accidentally get bit. If you can easily fit your two fingers comfortably in that area without it feeling too tight, then your horse can likely use a 16-18mm (apx ⅝”) thick mouthpiece. If your horse has a smaller space and you feel pressure on your fingers, then they may need a thinner bit.

To find the correct length of a Herm Sprenger bit, you can measure by putting an existing bit on them and see how much space between the corners of their mouth and the cheek pieces your horse has. You would like to have apx 5-6 mm (or apx ¼” of an inch) of space between your horse’s lips and the cheek to ensure the bit is the correct size and it won’t pinch your horse’s lips.

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